Thursday, July 29, 2010

Manequim pants

I'm trying to finish the remaining items for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest in a sewing blitz (I'll photograph things when I have a few to put together).  It is bothering me.  So that means 3 more pairs of trousers and 3 knit tops. Sigh....

Trousers No. 2 are almost finished (the first were the May Burda olive green cargo pants). These are a remake of the trousers below, which were a download from the Manequim Magazine site.
I love them, although they are a real challenge to put together. The photo doesn't really show what they look like - the line drawing is more like it.  The pattern is a size 42 although it is huge!  They are obviously made to be very slouchy and worn on the hips.

This pattern was a free download although it seems to have disappeared from Manequim's freebies.  I guess the lesson is to download any free patterns you like when you can - as also happened with Burda Style, you can't rely on them staying free for very long!    Luckily this was the one PDF I did keep.

I've recently subscribed to Manequim as I have been checking out their website for a while and love their designs.  Melissa on Fehr Trade covered a couple of editions - Manequim - Fehr Trade - and I was sold!  The subscription process was quite easy, albeit slow; it seems to take about 3 months.  A 12 month subscription costs $135 US all up.   I just sent an enquiry to and got responses in English.   I'm excitedly waiting for my first copy!   
The fabric for the trousers is a lovely washed silk herringbone from Denver Fabrics (which is darker than it appears in the photo).   This is one of my favourite fabrics for floppy casual pants - it feels wonderfully soft, is opaque, has a good weight for pants and washes and sews well.   I notice that Sass and Bide use it a bit for trousers and jackets.

I'm a fair way through the pants and all is going well so far, although I had loads of trouble with the back yoke, being in a soft drapey fabric cut on the bias - yuck! 
My eye has also been caught by another pair of pants from June Burda, which (if they don't look terrible on) I may substitute for one of the pairs I was going to make for the Wardrobe Contest, but full length rather than 3/4 length.  

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