Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next project - Patrones No. 285 Jacket

One lesson I've learnt from entering the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest (recap:  10 items: 4 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 others, all have to go with each other) is that I shouldn't enter such contests!  I can think about making 1 item at a time, when the inspiration hits me and then I have to finish it as if I leave it... trouble. 

But thinking of 10 items at a time..... isn't working for me.  I'm not focussing and I think it is making me sew slower. 

I'm feeling marginally inspired to make something that is in my Wardrobe Plan so I'd better go with the flow before I lose the inclination.   And, I'm on my own until Thursday so I have no excuse not to sew like mad.  

The project is, yes... yet another biker style jacket!    This is from Patrones #285, which was definitely worth the money as I've made loads of things from it.  
The fabric is felt-y and embossed (forgot to write down what it was but I think it is a polyester) from Fabulous Fabrics in Perth. I am also planning to do the undersleeves and side panels in a black wool jersey. In my head I'm creating some sort of soft jacket like the ones shown on this page, Biker style jackets, - we'll see how that translates to reality! 
I have some doubts after sewing up the muslin.  I love the style in the pattern photo but this is a bare bones pattern.  The jacket is only as shown above, there is no facing under the zip, and it is entirely lined; with no facings at all.

The instructions are in Spanish so I could have missed something, but see the picture  below - there is nothing on the left hand side after the zip.  It looks funny doesn't it - like wearing half a front on one side.  It looks fine when it is done up  but weird otherwise.  But I have closely examined the magazine and no, nothing else forthcoming.  

This is the original muslin. 

I drafted the 'missing' front piece.  I'll describe how I did that in another post.  But for now, on to muslin no. 2 after I made a narrow back adjustment (I use this method back fitting adjustments from Threads), narrow shoulder adjustment, and taking 1cm out of the waist.

I'm too short and chubby to be able to get away with much around my neck, and there is a lot of neck 'stuff' going on in this jacket.  See how long the cowl part is.  I'm guessing you just scrunch it up when you do the snaps up.  Oh, but I still love the shape!  It will probably look like I have no neck at all but I am persevering!

I've started sewing up the jacket and will post when I have some pics.

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