Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Burda 5-2010 Cargo Pants

I'll take a photo of these being worn when I get a chance to photograph them in daylight, but I've finally finished my cargo pants from Burda 5 - 2010.    It has been truly winter this week in Perth - pouring with rain, stormy, cold and wild.  Great sewing weather as you don't want to stick your nose outside, but not great for photographing things.  

Now, my fashion inspiration for these is from the Guardian newspaper in the UK (a fantastic site for crafters - which I will return to below) Guardian guide to Khaki

This is the pattern in the Burda Mag.
I love the design details of this pattern and they fit nicely and are really comfortable.  My only warning if you are thinking of making these is that Burda describes them as 'slim cut' but noooo..... they so aren't.   I took 1.5 cm off each side leg seam (that is 3cm per leg) but I think they could do with coming in another 1cm.  I don't want them to be a tight skinny fit but they are still a bit too roomy.

Sorry, my pics don't really do these pants justice as you can't see the shape well - you'll have to take my word for it but they are high waisted and slim cut, and the fabric is an olive colour (looks brown in the photos).   I finally finished them last night and washed them - I reckon cargo pants need to look a bit worn in.  These are the bellows pocket (i.e has pleated sides).

Funny, I have been subscribing to Burda Mag for a couple of years but never made anything.  Now I'm having a Burda blitz.  I do love their fit.  Everything I have made recently fits beautifully.

Getting back to the Guardian, they have great crafty articles and also recently mentioned this artist - Kate Jenkins, who makes these truly amazing knitted works Guardian - Kate Jenkins.   Beautiful.   

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