Sunday, October 23, 2011

And the winner is....

Thanks to those of you who expressed an interest in a copy of Patrones 307.  I actually have 2 to giveaway so the lucky 2 winners are.....
But for those who didn't win, fear not!  I've got a couple of Patrones #308 which I will be giving away shortly and I will add your names into that one. 
Meanwhile, I've been making a couple of versions of this blouse from Patrones #308 in dribs and drabs.  It's a lovely pattern.  Fortuitously it is a long weekend in Perth this weekend so I just might manage to get something finished. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Patrones 308

Hmmm.... I usually love the autumn and winter Patrones the most out of the year, but so far Patrones' autumn is looking a bit on the drab side, or am I just imagining it? 
The first section is Autumn dresses.  This one is quite simple and stylish. 
I did, however, have a chuckle at this hat.
Next we have 'Cool basics' which are casual separates. I saw quite a few of these baggy crotch trousers when I was in Spain, but only for the very young and slim I suspect.
One of my 2 favourite patterns in this magazine is the skirt below.
The next section is Blouses & Co. with 5 blouses/shirts, 4 pants and a waistcoat. 
And there is quite a big larger size selection in this mag.  5 blouses, 1 dress, 2 jackets and 3 pairs of pants.  This contains my other favourite from this magazine.
This is the blouse I kept trying to recreate! Or very, very much like it. I bought a Zara blouse last year, which I loved but it split at the seam.  The Patrones top is a different brand but isn't it similar?
This is definitely going on the 'must make pile' for our Aussie summer. 
And next is the advance winter issue.  I hope it isn't a bad sign that it is the 3rd grey cover in a row! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fabric shopping in Madrid - Part 2 and a giveaway

Back home again!  I was very sad to leave Spain, which I absolutely loved, but oh isn't it nice when you get to sleep in your own bed again after a trip.  And not having to wear the same few clothes over and over.  Bliss. 

I managed to come back with quite a few pattern magazines stuffed in my suitcase!  So a giveaway - leave a comment expressing your interest in Patrones #307 by midnight next Saturday (Perth time) and it can be yours.
And if you miss out, I have a couple more which I will be giving away in upcoming posts, plus the larger size Patrones special, plus the new Autumn Patrones which I'll review in the next couple of days. 
Thanks Rosy of Sewingadicta for your comment on my last post.  I had been wondering about the disparity between the availability of pattern mags and the cost of the fabric I was seeing.  The availability of Patrones, Burda and other sewing mags on the news stands suggested that sewing is popular in Spain.  But then the fabric shops seemed to be quite expensive.        
The continuation of my Madrid fabric shop tour did start in an expensive spot generally - the swanky Salamanca district.  This was worth going to just for people watching.  Never have I seen so many gorgeously clad folks at one time.
Starting at Retiro Metro station I had a great window shop up Calle de Claudio Coello.   After a perusal of the display in Christian Louboutin and realising how high Posh Spice's shoes must actually be, I came across the above shop making fascinators and selling trims and buttons.
And another one.
I spotted COS and had a browse.  A clothes shop not a fabric shop, but Patrones often has interesting patterns from this H&M brand.     
Carrying on to the intersection with Calle de Don Ramon de la Cruz I chucked a left and headed for my destination 'Tejeduria de Don Ramon de la Cruz' at no. 14.  Great photo (not) but this is sort of what the outside looks like!
And unfortunately, that is all I can tell you as oh dear, it was shut! Yes it was either siesta time or not open on Saturdays. But it is there on the 3rd floor.
The internet suggested it focused on high end fabrics and seeing it is surrounded by designer shops I imagine that is so. 

Yes, this fabric shopping expedition was so far not involving a lot of fabric was it?  Empty handed I hopped back on the Metro to the city centre and headed for the next shop Ribes and Casals.  
On to the phone pics. Am I alone in feeling naughty taking photos inside shops?
Ribes y Casals has a large selection and is far more affordable.  And just a couple of doors down on Calle Atocha is Tejidos Paredes.  Also quite sizeable.
And for the last of my fabric shop photos! Not in Madrid but in Seville. Gorgeous fabrics but very high end as you can see by the price list.