Friday, October 14, 2011

Patrones 308

Hmmm.... I usually love the autumn and winter Patrones the most out of the year, but so far Patrones' autumn is looking a bit on the drab side, or am I just imagining it? 
The first section is Autumn dresses.  This one is quite simple and stylish. 
I did, however, have a chuckle at this hat.
Next we have 'Cool basics' which are casual separates. I saw quite a few of these baggy crotch trousers when I was in Spain, but only for the very young and slim I suspect.
One of my 2 favourite patterns in this magazine is the skirt below.
The next section is Blouses & Co. with 5 blouses/shirts, 4 pants and a waistcoat. 
And there is quite a big larger size selection in this mag.  5 blouses, 1 dress, 2 jackets and 3 pairs of pants.  This contains my other favourite from this magazine.
This is the blouse I kept trying to recreate! Or very, very much like it. I bought a Zara blouse last year, which I loved but it split at the seam.  The Patrones top is a different brand but isn't it similar?
This is definitely going on the 'must make pile' for our Aussie summer. 
And next is the advance winter issue.  I hope it isn't a bad sign that it is the 3rd grey cover in a row! 


  1. Ah ha! Thanks Jacquie.

  2. There are some rather yummy patterns in the magazines. Love the leopard print blouse. I'm sad to confess that I haven't used any of my Patrones editions. I must make it a priority when I get through my 'Frocktober'.