Friday, August 3, 2012

Patrones 317 and Manequim 638

I'm spoilt for choice with Pattern mags in my mailbox this week.  The summer vacation Patrones and a truly fabulous Manequim.  
But first, for any Perth sewers, Potters Outlet Store is having a clearance sale.   I don't have any affiliation with Potters, but I'm passing on their flyer as they are very nice and I haunt their shop.
"We are super excited to let you know about our clearance sale starting next week! This season in addition to our fabrics, we have also packed the racks and tables full of sample garments and end runs.  Garments include winter knits, tees, tanks, summer dresses and pants. 
SALE includes: 50% Off all Fabrics excl remnants; ALL Garments $5.00!
Monday 6th – Friday 10th August from 10am – 4pm and Saturday 11th from 9am – 12pm".    The shop is at 12 Macewan Street, West Leederville (off Loftus Street).
Now, Patrones 317.  Patrones always has 2 pics at the back - its next Special and next monthly edition.   But not this month - it just has the Special.  That isn't a bad sign is it?  I'm always paranoid that my favourite fabric shops and pattern mags will close.  I hope not.
For a review of this month's Patrones check out Curious Kiwi's site.   Being the Vacation issue as you'd expect there are lots of summery patterns, particularly tops, shorts and pants.
I'm hunched in front of the heater while the rain pours down outside so Manequim has some more seasonal (for Perth) offerings this month.  
The inspired by the style of a TV actress section has a useful loose cardigan (going on the 'to make' list) and wrap front dress.  
And there are some truly fab dresses, including the cover dress and these two.
 And lots of very nice separates.
There is even a section of glamorous evening looks.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burda 4/2009 Tunic

I'm still alive!  I've been having an unusually long no sewing or internet phase, as you may have noticed from the lack of blog activity.  

This is largely down to trips, busy weekends and putting on a few kilos and being in that zone where you don't like the look of anything you make but don't want to make a bigger size as it feels like you're inviting the flab to hang around permanently.
But I'm getting back into it as I'm seriously running out of clothes.  So I've acquired a pile of Vogue and McCalls patterns from the recent BMV sale (they've had some terrific patterns lately haven't they) as well as the latest Patrones which I'll put on here in the next few days.
Before starting on some new work clothes, I've just been off on a wonderful trip to Bali.  We were staying in a pool villa so an easy to make pool cover-up was in order (keeps the mozzies off too).
The fabric is a cotton voile which required careful pattern placement to avoid looking like an alien version of the Shroud of Turin.

For the pattern, there were a few possibilities in Burda Style, including Model 116B in May 2012.  I had a go at this but oops...disaster (I'll get back to that later).
Or, Model 120 in Burda 4/2009.  Much easier and quicker to make. 
The pattern pieces for the 2012 and 2009 versions are almost identical except for the construction.  The May  version has a seam down the front (very bad idea on a thin fabric) and a tricky inset yoke (very, VERY bad idea on a thin fabric).  The 2009 one has witchy kind of sleeves. 
I ended up with a bit of both - the 2009 pattern but with the straight sleeves from the 2012 pattern.  The facing for this one is sewn on like a normal facing but I did it the opposite way, where the facing ends up on the outside, and edge stitched it. 
Mine doesn't look as glamorous as the Burda version.  I made it slightly too big and sewed the neck split higher than Burda has it, a bit too high.  But it is comfy and good for the beach.

Now to the bad version of the 2012 pattern.  The 1st prob is my fabric choice - this citron silk habutae makes me look sickly.  The 2nd is the construction method - an inset neck band, front seam and split on a light fabric is tricky.  Mine went crinkly. I definitely prefer the 2009 pattern.  Aaarggg... don't you hate it when you waste a nice fabric!    
And to finish, some daily towel art from where we stayed in Bali.  Awww...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Patrones 315

My sewing output is so meagre of late I haven't had anything to blog about - luckily the latest Patrones is here.  As is my loot from the latest Vogue/BMV sale including this dress which I'm hoping to try out this weekend.  
Patrones 315 is the Summer edition - lots of light separates with a bit of a frilly/wild west feeling; and also some great dresses in the plus size section.
There's a section of frilly, floral separates and these 2 dresses.
A section on Denim and Lace.  
This blouse is particularly nice.
That is followed by 'Fashion Trends' with the designer styles that they don't name any more (sadly) - this month they have styles from 'patchwork' to 'African rythms', 50s pin up, hawaiian, 1930s and urban safari.
And last but definitely not least is the plus size section, which is all dresses this month - and lovely dresses too.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Patrones 314

The sewing machine is gathering dust.  I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, it's a bit absent at the moment.  But meanwhile here is Patrones 314.
First they have 'Original clothing', or natural toned casual summer clothes.  I quite like this blouse but I guess you would have to make it in a very light fabric or it would be humongous. 
This is an interesting shorts/skirt thingy.  I'm not quite sure which - the back looks like shorts and the front looks like a skirt from the diagram.
"Sophisticated Basics' are up next.  Black and white summer clothes and my favourite - anything that says 'draped top' and I'm a fan.   The patterned fabric obscures the style lines - not sure if you can see the diagram.  Wonder how it goes together.  Any ideas?  Maybe you sandwich a pleated piece into the front neck tuck.
There is a summer party dress section.  
And a section on flouncy blouses.
And finally some larger size separates patterns with a couple of interesting jackets.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Butterick 5388

Uh oh! 
The disaster pile.   6 unflattering unfinished objects on the trot.  6!  Some I can hopefully rescue, I just need to leave them be for the moment.   Do you reckon there's a sewing equivalent of the gardeners' 'black thumb'?   

Meanwhile I may just have to keep making versions of Butterick 5388.  I've found my holy grail of summer top patterns.   It's a super pattern.  It's easy.  It's very, very quick and IT'S FAIL SAFE.    
Although... there are many things that you can happily make over and over again - like classics.  But is this top one of them?  I suspect not.  I went and counted how many of this kind of style is in my wardrobe - 9!  Not all from this pattern but similar. 

So, here are 3 versions of Butterick 5388.  
Potters Outlet store had a 50% sale recently, including this silk habutae for a nicely cheap $7 metre.   It needs a simple style for anything this big-ly patterned, like...let me think.... ummmm.... Butterick 5388!
The fabric feels lovely on and it's comfy and cheerful.
I sewed a band on the bottom to make use of the border.
Here's version 2 - another silk habutae courtesy of the Potter's sale.  This one is black with a dot print.  I didn't have quite enough fabric for the collar so it is half the pattern width.  The collar is cut on the bias so uses up quite a bit of fabric.
And version 3.  No collar and in a snake print charmeuse from Textile Traders. 
I'm currently making another one in a wince inducing citrus yellow - will someone do a pattern intervention on me soon and prise this pattern out of my hands?   I can't stop!