Thursday, April 5, 2012

Patrones 314

The sewing machine is gathering dust.  I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, it's a bit absent at the moment.  But meanwhile here is Patrones 314.
First they have 'Original clothing', or natural toned casual summer clothes.  I quite like this blouse but I guess you would have to make it in a very light fabric or it would be humongous. 
This is an interesting shorts/skirt thingy.  I'm not quite sure which - the back looks like shorts and the front looks like a skirt from the diagram.
"Sophisticated Basics' are up next.  Black and white summer clothes and my favourite - anything that says 'draped top' and I'm a fan.   The patterned fabric obscures the style lines - not sure if you can see the diagram.  Wonder how it goes together.  Any ideas?  Maybe you sandwich a pleated piece into the front neck tuck.
There is a summer party dress section.  
And a section on flouncy blouses.
And finally some larger size separates patterns with a couple of interesting jackets.


  1. I was feeling pretty special after just receiving my latest order in just 8 days (a new record for them!) and then you go and spoil it by getting the latest Patrones only a few days after I received last months issue! ;) hehe, looks like a great issue. I love that black and white dress too, I bet it's like a pleat that you catch into the lining perhaps, there was a similar top in a recent Manequim issue. But I have no idea what piece 3 is for, it wouldn't be the first time I've had a strange random rectangle of fabric left over from one these magazines ;)

  2. I've nominated you for a Leibster award. My post goes up tomorrow at

  3. I really want this "GRANDE CREACIONES" issue!! Do you get the especial issues with your subscriptions? I don´t and I get my issues SO late here in Brazil...I received my Patrones 310 last week :( . Following your reviews is a kind of a "expectation relief", if that even exists or is clear in any way. Pardon my Emglish! By the way, love your blog!