Sunday, November 28, 2010

A short holiday post

Hellooo Deb - you are no doubt wondering where your Patrones is - could you email me your address again?  Sorry, my laptop gave up the ghost just over a week ago.  Most of what was on there was backed up but I have lost some of those emails that had gone through to it - including your email.   

Meanwhile, my sister was having some work leave and we made an impulse decision to go off on a trip somewhere - which as it turns out is Hong Kong!   And what a fantastic city.  So here we are having a great time doing the touristy things (and rather a lot of shopping). 
Looking at pandas.  
High tea at the Peninsula Hotel.  I had a huge splurge at H&M right after that which I blame on a sugar induced frenzy.
I've only had a brief chance so far to check out the fabric area Sham Shui Po.  It's quite amazing - there is an overwhelming choice.  I didn't see much of the fabric streets, mainly the bead and trimming shops.  But wow!
Now off for some more sightseeing.  Oh and maybe yet another trip to H&M and Zara - I really wish we had them in Australia. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Burda 3/2010 Slim Trousers

With the aid of a high tech method of putting the names in a tupperware container, shaking it about and drawing a name out... the winner of the Patrones Special is.... Deb!  Your magazine will be on its way shortly. 

I've finally finished a pair of pants!  And ... things I must remember NOT to do in the future - have a bulk cut out session of black clothes in similar fabrics, remove the pattern pieces, stack the cut pieces in a drawer, then rummage around in them and mix it all up. 
These were mystery pants - for some time I couldn't work out or remember what pattern I was actually making or whether they were from the right trousers but then... oh yes - they are meant to be these!    From March Burda.   And they are nice!
 Also shown in a patterned fabric.
Being uninspired by any trouser fabrics in my stash I had a quick visit to the Potter Textiles Outlet shop (WA sewers - it is in McEwan Street, Leederville - just by the clock on Loftus Street nr Cambridge Street - and they aren't open on Saturday).   

My gratitude to the Burda Sewing Club members who alerted me to this place - it is fantastic!   

Not a huge range - I understand that they manufacture and it is their end rolls, remnants and samples, but the stock changes all the time.   And the prices are just great.  I keep going back every week buying more and more fabric.... I want them to succeed and keep open and not shut like everywhere else!

Naturally I didn't leave the shop with mere trouser fabric.  I bought the end of the roll of a terrific black cotton/viscose/spandex bottomweight and a bronze cotton/spandex, also for pants; a remnant of lovely silk cotton and some purple/black spattery print viscose cotton.
So, back to the trousers.   I like the end result and they could be a TNT if I need a slim cut pant trouser - without the pockets.   For trousers I think I prefer the normal cut in side pockets rather than pockets actually in the side seam as the latter tend to gape and I made a bit of a meal of inserting them.

Pattern Description:  Slim trousers/pants with topstitched front creases and wide, shaped waistband.
Pattern Sizing:     38 to 46. For Burda trouser patterns I end up with a size blend - 44/46 bottom and quite a lot taken out of the width of the legs. These are meant to be slimline but I had to narrow them an inch.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.  
Were the instructions easy to follow?  Burda and I are not on the same wavelength regarding instructions.  I didn't initially get the pocket instructions but other than the pockets, they are simple pants to make.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?   I very much like the narrow shape and the topstitched creases. This is a nice, plain, flattering, practical pant.

I'm not that keen on the in seam pockets - too fiddly and potentially gapey.   I would probably leave the pockets off next time, which would make them a very easy to make trouser.

Fabric Used:   Cotton/viscose/spandex from Potter Textiles.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:     My recommendation - cut 4 pocket facings (rather than 2 as Burda says) and use the facing on front and back of the pocket piece. I originally only put the facing on the back pocket piece as per the Burda instructions, but then as the pockets are in the side seam they can gape and the lining was showing on the unfaced piece.  
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I may make these again. It is a nice slimline pant pattern.   And I would definitely recommend them to others.

Conclusion:   Good wardrobe basic. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Patrones Plus Size Special

Hope you aren't sick of Patrones yet!   The final one.  Although this months Manequim should be about to turn up!

And this one is a giveaway - so if anyone would like to give it a home, send me an email (details under my profile to your right).   

This is a plus sized special edition of Patrones.  I notice it is marked 'No. 1' - maybe they are going to do more in the future.   
This is the Patrones sizing chart.
There are 39 patterns - nothing fancy or drop dead gorgeous but lots of basics.  The plus size patterns in the monthly Patrones I think tend to be a bit more interesting.  I'm assuming that most are new patterns that haven't been in a previous magazine although one section is definitely in a 2007 Patrones.
It irks me when magazines don't use plus size models for plus size clothing.  Patrones is normally quite good.  Until the first section of this magazine!   It is, however, a variation on the usual small size clothes (purporting to be plus sized clothes) on thin model scenario - here, the model is wearing clothes much too big.  Anyway, this section is a collection of fairly classic two pieces - jackets and trousers and one skirt.
This suit is nice and fresh looking. 
 The next section has a couple of lovely blouses. 
I really like this peacoat.  
Next up is a selection of practical but drab coloured work suits that was in a 2007 Patrones (check the styling and weird lace headband thing). 
The next section has a couple of simple summer party frocks and a nice camisole and trousers. 
 Finally, some summer formal daywear. 
This is a glorious colour.
That's it for my magazine perusing for the moment!  Time for some actual sewing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patrones 297 Fiesta

Patrones Magazines always seem to travel in clumps, I've no idea why.   3 have arrived days apart - I just posted about Patrones 296 - the 'Special Autumn/Winter' edition, and yesterday Patrones 297 'Fiesta Edition' and a special Plus Sized magazine arrived.  I am a happy woman!  
First off, Patrones 297.  Patrones tends to have a good mix of styles and garment types in each magazine and this one is no different, but the previous mag probably had more that suited my lifestyle.   My wardrobe is pretty much officewear for the week and casual wear for the weekend.  Being the party edition this mag has lots of dresses and flesh baring items but there are a couple of pairs of trousers and a couple of blouses I can see myself making. 
I did a double take at the model in the first section 'Noches de Gala.  Vestidos de fiesta propios de una celebridad'.  Which I think from online translation means 'Gala Nights.  Dresses for a celebrity'.  Is Mischa Barton modelling for Patrones?   I suspect not so Mischa's twin is wearing an extremely pretty dress.   
This flapper style dress looks cute.  A photo of the model lying down on her front is not the most informative in a pattern magazine though is it! 
This dress is just stunning - I wondered for a moment if I could make it as a coat and take the bow off as I don't think I have the height to get away with it, but from the line drawing it appears that the bow is an integral part.  It also looks rather scary to make with only google translated instructions.   
Gala nights and celebrities don't feature very prominently in my life (urrr... well, at all), so moving on.... 'Soft Textures'.   Love both the blouse and trousers in this picture.  I make a lot of trousers; they can be a bit monotonous to make - not a lot of variety in sewing techniques for trousers - so I like something with a bit of detail like these. 
I quite like this skirt but being well past my mini wearing days wonder if it would work with the top portion being lengthened.  Hmmm... iffy.
These are nice simple styles in gorgeous fabrics.
Next section - Day Party, which includes this stupendous coat.   It is marvellous.  And check out her rather terrifying shoes.   
The next section is Glamour Trends - with some smart evening looks. 
And last but not least is the Plus Size section, which has some very nice dresses, particularly these 2.  
Next post - the Plus Size Edition. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Patrones 296

Wowza!   September's Patrones Magazine is pretty good!   I could happily make my entire wardrobe for next winter from this magazine alone.    After racking my memory I think this is my favourite one since last year's Fiesta edition.  
This is the 'Special - Fall/Winter' edition and has a great mix of tops, trousers, coats, jackets and skirts.  
My absolute favourite - this top.  Although when I squint at it and look at the line drawing I think the sleeves and neck thingy look that way because they are in a pleated fabric.  Hmmmm.... where am I going to find an equivalent fabric?
The trousers are very nice too.  Anything involving flappy fabric on the thighs is generally dangerous but it seems that the volume comes from the pockets so could be changed if horrific. 
Too many nice things... where to start?   Some cute coats.
There is a skirt feature including these:
Some nice jackets and heaps of trousers:
And some very wearable blouses - the line drawings show the nice details. 
There is also a maternity section and a plus size section, the latter including this nice dress, although they needed an iron!