Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vogue 1039 - Things that Lurk

I'm sure I'm not alone in having a 'Pile of Shame' i.e. clothes that I am avoiding dealing with.  Mine doubles as my ironing basket but half the contents are clothes that I don't wear but haven't the heart to send to the Op Shop.  

Clearing it out was one of my holiday tasks but I hate ironing so much that despite the pile getting in my way for the last 4 months, I hadn't touched it until now.  

Lurking in there was a top I'd totally forgotten.  I made it last summer and never reviewed it.  This is sadly destined for the Op Shop.        
I should have known this wasn't going to suit me from the pattern pic - there is a lot going on and it looks very big.  But for some reason I loved the idea of it and I loved it on the model.  After making it - I think it is gorgeous but it is a bit too weird at the back for me and it's a difficult look to carry off.       
My version is in a hammered silk satin which looks very similar to the pattern fabric but isn't quite as drapey.   Drapey would be better. 
I made a few changes.  I had to take a lot of width out of the front and back, including the bottom pieces- it was humungous!  But that meant that the pleats got sewn in to the bottom.   It would look better if they were free as per the pattern, but then I had pleats on the tummy and a bustle on the bottom and it wasn't a good look.  

I like the detailing of the pattern - these sewn on ruched strips down the side are great.  It isn't a quick to make top - there's quite a bit of work involved and the top and the bottom hem bands are lined.
But the bustle.... it didn't look so ... well... bustley.... on the pattern envelope.   The back and the front almost look like they come from different tops.
Ah well, you win some... you lose some.   Hope someone fossicking through the Op Shop that this ends up in likes this top and gives it a home.

I have similar feelings about Vogue Donna Karan pattern 1175, although I was so intrigued by it I still bought it.  It looks hard to wear.  It would look dreadful on me made in a taffeta, but I have a slight obsession with trying it in a black jersey, with added sleeves.  That would make it drapey rather than sticking out.   Does anyone think that could work?   

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  1. Hi Jacquie,

    I actually love your V1039 top! I can see what you mean about the front pleats being too big when made as per the pattern but they look fine now, and the back view is gorgeous! I don't suppose there's a chance it's going to an op shop in Sydney??? (If so, which one?)

    Re your thoughts on V1175... I made this recently but omitted the "puff" (attaching skirt hem to lining hem). I made it in a patterned cheap linen, just intending it to be a muslin, but it's ended up a really wearable dress. And it's not really a tricky pattern, just a bit like a puzzle with odd shaped pieces. I think the fabric choice makes a huge difference in the look - my version is shown on my (new) blog www.upsewlate.blogspot.com