Monday, November 1, 2010

Burda 9/2010 Tuxedo Blouse

September's Burda Style was terrific.  Some months there isn't anything that takes my fancy, and in other months, like this one, there are loads of things I can't wait to make.   I tend to like minimalist and classic styles and there are quite a few here.  I almost wish it was still winter. 
This is my favourite and definitely on the list for next winter.
In the meantime, I'm currently making this tuxedo blouse.
The fabric is a cream sandwashed silk charmeuse (a $15 remnant from Potter Textiles in Perth) which feels lovely on.     

The instructions have an interesting way of sewing the bib (or 'Plastron' is the Burda name for it - a word I hadn't heard before).   You put the 2 bib pieces right side together and on the wrong side sew from the neckline point down to the centre bottom. 
And then turn so the right sides are outside and voila - a very simple and clean result. 
Then sew the shoulder seams to the back bib sections. 
Trying to get the bib section and facing to lay perfectly flat when sewn into the blouse was a bit of a trial but that was probably to do with my floppy fabric.    

Progress so far.  Not much to do, I just need to finish the sleeves and hem.   Admittedly, it isn't very summery but I can always roll the sleeves up. 
I love the dress version of this pattern too (without the scarf the stylist has added), although I'd have to find a fabric with absolutely no chance of colour running (after ruining a 2 colour top a while ago!).
And the DKNY Predator dress is finished - forgot to post the final photos.   I don't know if changing the sleeve hem to a more cap sleeved shape really made much difference but I'm happy with the result and it is super comfy.  I recommend this pattern to anyone wanting an easy knit dress pattern. 

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  1. ooh! You and I have such similar tastes, I swear (I just made those 08/08 riding trousers because of yours, you know)! I LOVED this issue, too, and I was planning on making this top/dress at some point, too. Though as much as I adore the #118 Tall coat, the muslin for it was just plain awful - I'll be posting about it and reviewing it in due course...