Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Manequim 633

February Manequim is my favourite yet!  So many gorgeous designs.  And a couple of the nice ones are in my size - even better!

Melissa at Fehr Trade has shown some of the patterns and here are a few more.
By the way, if you're interested in getting hold of Manequim I think you can usually get them on Ebay.  There was also an Ebay seller called Jupeme who had lots of Brazilian magazines from whom I bought a couple but she seems to now be at mercado livre, which I think is a Brazilian form of Ebay.  Otherwise, a subscription is $99 for 13 mags.

First up the usual designs inspired by TV personalities.  This blue dress is great.
Then lovely bright blue designs modelled by an actress.
The usual 'inspired by a designer' section - this time Nina Ricci.  This pale top is going on the Must Make Pile forthwith. 
A section 'Sexy and Chic'.  Wow, love this dress!  Sexy and chic indeed.
A selection of shirts follow. 
And a fashion for different ages special.  
Very nice!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patrones 312

Are you a 'plan for the season ahead' sewer or more of a 'what takes your fancy at the time' sewer? 

I was musing on this when the Vogue Patterns Magazine (Christmas prezzie subscription from my sister) arrived the other day showing the new spring patterns, along with Spring Patrones #312.   
Whenever the season changes I have a 'aaarggh.... no cold/hot weather clothes to wear!' crisis so I'd love to be the plan and make in advance type but never manage it.  I'm definitely a spur of the moment sewer.  But there are far more organised sewers out there and I'm envious!

Mind you, it's a bit relative in Australia as we are always out of sync with the Northern Hemisphere pattern cycles so the new Spring patterns are arriving in mid summer, which is quite good.
Patrones 311 hopefully is still on its way.  So what is in Patrones 312?  The Spring special.    
The first section is asymmetric styles - 3 dresses and a top and trousers. 
This dress is fabulous.  Another COS brand one.
The next section contains the designery patterns - the ones they no longer name (pity - I used to love those) although do I spot a Chanel button on those sequinned shorts?  Nice blouse.
 Next  blouses and pants. 
 Love these trousers.
There is a section of I guess nautical things including this jacket. 
The larger size section has an overblouse, trousers, cotton dress and this outfit.
And last but not least communion clothes.