Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Butterick 5388

Uh oh! 
The disaster pile.   6 unflattering unfinished objects on the trot.  6!  Some I can hopefully rescue, I just need to leave them be for the moment.   Do you reckon there's a sewing equivalent of the gardeners' 'black thumb'?   

Meanwhile I may just have to keep making versions of Butterick 5388.  I've found my holy grail of summer top patterns.   It's a super pattern.  It's easy.  It's very, very quick and IT'S FAIL SAFE.    
Although... there are many things that you can happily make over and over again - like classics.  But is this top one of them?  I suspect not.  I went and counted how many of this kind of style is in my wardrobe - 9!  Not all from this pattern but similar. 

So, here are 3 versions of Butterick 5388.  
Potters Outlet store had a 50% sale recently, including this silk habutae for a nicely cheap $7 metre.   It needs a simple style for anything this big-ly patterned, like...let me think.... ummmm.... Butterick 5388!
The fabric feels lovely on and it's comfy and cheerful.
I sewed a band on the bottom to make use of the border.
Here's version 2 - another silk habutae courtesy of the Potter's sale.  This one is black with a dot print.  I didn't have quite enough fabric for the collar so it is half the pattern width.  The collar is cut on the bias so uses up quite a bit of fabric.
And version 3.  No collar and in a snake print charmeuse from Textile Traders. 
I'm currently making another one in a wince inducing citrus yellow - will someone do a pattern intervention on me soon and prise this pattern out of my hands?   I can't stop!