Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Manequim 633

February Manequim is my favourite yet!  So many gorgeous designs.  And a couple of the nice ones are in my size - even better!

Melissa at Fehr Trade has shown some of the patterns and here are a few more.
By the way, if you're interested in getting hold of Manequim I think you can usually get them on Ebay.  There was also an Ebay seller called Jupeme who had lots of Brazilian magazines from whom I bought a couple but she seems to now be at mercado livre, which I think is a Brazilian form of Ebay.  Otherwise, a subscription is $99 for 13 mags.

First up the usual designs inspired by TV personalities.  This blue dress is great.
Then lovely bright blue designs modelled by an actress.
The usual 'inspired by a designer' section - this time Nina Ricci.  This pale top is going on the Must Make Pile forthwith. 
A section 'Sexy and Chic'.  Wow, love this dress!  Sexy and chic indeed.
A selection of shirts follow. 
And a fashion for different ages special.  
Very nice!

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