Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pattern Mag Subscriptions

My Patrones and Burda subscriptions are just about to run out.  

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been subscribing to Patrones through ModeInfo but on the renewal invoice their price had gone up E100 to 231 Euros.  Pricey!  

My thanks to the reader who let me know the direct subscription email address   I contacted them, got a response in English and now hopefully am directly subscribed.  And for a much more reasonable 100 Euros, and I believe they arrive more quickly.   You can pay by direct bank transfer too which always seems safer.
My Burda subscription is currently via Isubscribe - but they are 3 months behind and cost AU$190.  I was endeavouring to get them directly via the old Burda subscription email and getting no response but I just noticed a very helpful message from a PR member on the Pattern Review Board confirming that German Burda no longer publishes the English language magazine  and the new email is  The cost is 86 Euros (AU $122).  
A subscription to Manequim magazine costs US$135 and can be obtained by emailing       
I did briefly check out Look Magazine from Argentina as they have an online subscription for $24, however the online version does not include the pattern pages so that was a no go.  I wasn't that keen on the styles and the cost for 6 print mags was US $289, or $48 per magazine.  No way!
One thing I notice from some sites is the level of personal information required.   Patrones require an ID number - or, in the case of Australian subscribers your passport number.    The Manequim site also has great downloadable patterns for purchase and I was trying to figure out how to buy one but they require a Brazilian ID number.   Wow - that is a lot of info just for a pattern!  


  1. This is a most helpful post. I don't subscribe to any pattern magazines but wonder if I should. I like the look of Manequim. Do the Manequim patterns come in all sizes?

  2. Hi Katherine. Manequim is fab but unfortunately only has a few multisize patterns, most are single size so it probably isn't the best of the mags value for money wise. I get most excited when I get Patrones but seem to make the most from Burda. The nice thing about mags is that you end up with a pattern library that you can keep going back to.

  3. Way later, thank you, I am interested in Manequim and Patrones, so have emailed both of them to find out about current subscription rates, and options to order them.