Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Manequim September 2010

The first Manequim mag has arrived.  And I love it!  I think I'm going to be very happy I subscribed.

I hope that Australia Post is gentle with these though - the first thing I noticed was that the pattern sheets are not an insert as is the case with Burda, Patrones etc. The mag comes in thin plastic with some adverts and the loose pattern sheets.
There are 32 patterns, most of which are for one size between 38 to 46 although 4 (mercifully the ones I like) are multisized.
It  has all the nice fashiony aspirational attributes of a glossy mag, but many of the clothes are shown on non models.  It seems to be celebrating women of all shapes and ages and in a very normal, non statement making way.  How refreshing!
The first section is inspired by the style of an actress from a TV series (I think - after a quick internet search).   Manequim reminds me a bit of InStyle magazine, with lots of ideas for putting things together.
Next, some very cute dresses.   My favourite - which I can see as a summer tshirt.
And this is gorgeous. 
Next up is a section inspired by Donna Karan, which has the nice touch of an equivalent of the Vogue figure flattery guide - Manequim has 5 categories.
 I can see myself making this multisize cowl neck top.
 And there is a cute short summer jacket.
A Current Trends section includes this lovely blouse and another nice dress.
There is also a maternity section and this dress is so simple but stylish. 
To top it off, the magazine ends with a section where they put the alternatives together.  
All in all - Manequim is terrific!

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous!! I was hoping to get this issue but looks like mine will arrive next month. I love all the items you posted :) I'm so glad I subscribed too.