Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summer capsule wardrobe

I'm due to return to work after Christmas.  The idea fills me with utter dread.   I went into town and saw Christmas stuff everywhere, and started to panic about this lovely holiday life coming to an end.   It has been so good!   

Now, I am not moaning!  I know I have a very fortunate life in that I have employment, and that employment involves long service leave.  I am very lucky.  But I've enjoyed my leave so much it is going to be very difficult returning to corporate culture, office politics and only seeing daylight at the weekend.  I can totally understand why people have a mid-career sea change!

So, it is time to start making work clothes (unenthusiastically).  Perth is very, very hot and dry and summer work clothes have to be office appropriate, allow for walking to and from work in 40 degree C heat, breathe but not show sweat, and also cope in an airconditioned office.    That is quite a lot to expect of a garment!

My inspiration is this Netaporter Magazine which has lots of easy to wear, non fussy clothes.   I'm relying on TNT and easy patterns so I'm hoping they may be quick to make. 

The basics - a couple of pairs of stretch cotton pants.   This TNT pattern from June Burda, but full length rather than capri. 
And these, from March Burda which I haven't tried but look promising.
And a simple skirt from July Burda.
For tops, this Alexander Wang top is nice and I wonder if it could be recreated with this Vogue TNT pattern. I made a few of these in the past, with the back filled in.
Both of the tops in this Hot Patterns pattern will be great for easy summer workwear. 
A fine white cotton tuxedo blouse from Burda's October mag.
And another Vogue 1170. I made a version in black silk charmeuse and it was lovely, and then it accidentally got scooped up with other washing and now looks like a tea towel. 

And, a couple of easy dresses in black viscose knit - the same 2 patterns I have just made in colours.
Hopefully that should see me through the return to work for a while.   Now I have to actually make them.

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