Sunday, November 14, 2010

Patrones Plus Size Special

Hope you aren't sick of Patrones yet!   The final one.  Although this months Manequim should be about to turn up!

And this one is a giveaway - so if anyone would like to give it a home, send me an email (details under my profile to your right).   

This is a plus sized special edition of Patrones.  I notice it is marked 'No. 1' - maybe they are going to do more in the future.   
This is the Patrones sizing chart.
There are 39 patterns - nothing fancy or drop dead gorgeous but lots of basics.  The plus size patterns in the monthly Patrones I think tend to be a bit more interesting.  I'm assuming that most are new patterns that haven't been in a previous magazine although one section is definitely in a 2007 Patrones.
It irks me when magazines don't use plus size models for plus size clothing.  Patrones is normally quite good.  Until the first section of this magazine!   It is, however, a variation on the usual small size clothes (purporting to be plus sized clothes) on thin model scenario - here, the model is wearing clothes much too big.  Anyway, this section is a collection of fairly classic two pieces - jackets and trousers and one skirt.
This suit is nice and fresh looking. 
 The next section has a couple of lovely blouses. 
I really like this peacoat.  
Next up is a selection of practical but drab coloured work suits that was in a 2007 Patrones (check the styling and weird lace headband thing). 
The next section has a couple of simple summer party frocks and a nice camisole and trousers. 
 Finally, some summer formal daywear. 
This is a glorious colour.
That's it for my magazine perusing for the moment!  Time for some actual sewing.

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