Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patrones 297 Fiesta

Patrones Magazines always seem to travel in clumps, I've no idea why.   3 have arrived days apart - I just posted about Patrones 296 - the 'Special Autumn/Winter' edition, and yesterday Patrones 297 'Fiesta Edition' and a special Plus Sized magazine arrived.  I am a happy woman!  
First off, Patrones 297.  Patrones tends to have a good mix of styles and garment types in each magazine and this one is no different, but the previous mag probably had more that suited my lifestyle.   My wardrobe is pretty much officewear for the week and casual wear for the weekend.  Being the party edition this mag has lots of dresses and flesh baring items but there are a couple of pairs of trousers and a couple of blouses I can see myself making. 
I did a double take at the model in the first section 'Noches de Gala.  Vestidos de fiesta propios de una celebridad'.  Which I think from online translation means 'Gala Nights.  Dresses for a celebrity'.  Is Mischa Barton modelling for Patrones?   I suspect not so Mischa's twin is wearing an extremely pretty dress.   
This flapper style dress looks cute.  A photo of the model lying down on her front is not the most informative in a pattern magazine though is it! 
This dress is just stunning - I wondered for a moment if I could make it as a coat and take the bow off as I don't think I have the height to get away with it, but from the line drawing it appears that the bow is an integral part.  It also looks rather scary to make with only google translated instructions.   
Gala nights and celebrities don't feature very prominently in my life (urrr... well, at all), so moving on.... 'Soft Textures'.   Love both the blouse and trousers in this picture.  I make a lot of trousers; they can be a bit monotonous to make - not a lot of variety in sewing techniques for trousers - so I like something with a bit of detail like these. 
I quite like this skirt but being well past my mini wearing days wonder if it would work with the top portion being lengthened.  Hmmm... iffy.
These are nice simple styles in gorgeous fabrics.
Next section - Day Party, which includes this stupendous coat.   It is marvellous.  And check out her rather terrifying shoes.   
The next section is Glamour Trends - with some smart evening looks. 
And last but not least is the Plus Size section, which has some very nice dresses, particularly these 2.  
Next post - the Plus Size Edition. 


  1. Oh wow this looks like an amazing issue! I love everything in the index, omg those dresses! Squeal!, I wonder where my copy is? All my mags have been late recently :( I haven't even got November Burda yet...hopefully this is a sign that mine will show up tomorrow so I have the weekend to flick through it over and over :)

  2. I love dress #28 - just gorgeous! But I am not sure it is something I would tackle without english instructions....but it is so
    I sort of wish I subscribed, so I wasn't so far behind in my issues - ah well, I will get them eventually :)
    Thanks for sharing!