Monday, November 8, 2010

Patrones 296

Wowza!   September's Patrones Magazine is pretty good!   I could happily make my entire wardrobe for next winter from this magazine alone.    After racking my memory I think this is my favourite one since last year's Fiesta edition.  
This is the 'Special - Fall/Winter' edition and has a great mix of tops, trousers, coats, jackets and skirts.  
My absolute favourite - this top.  Although when I squint at it and look at the line drawing I think the sleeves and neck thingy look that way because they are in a pleated fabric.  Hmmmm.... where am I going to find an equivalent fabric?
The trousers are very nice too.  Anything involving flappy fabric on the thighs is generally dangerous but it seems that the volume comes from the pockets so could be changed if horrific. 
Too many nice things... where to start?   Some cute coats.
There is a skirt feature including these:
Some nice jackets and heaps of trousers:
And some very wearable blouses - the line drawings show the nice details. 
There is also a maternity section and a plus size section, the latter including this nice dress, although they needed an iron!

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