Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burda 4/2009 Tunic

I'm still alive!  I've been having an unusually long no sewing or internet phase, as you may have noticed from the lack of blog activity.  

This is largely down to trips, busy weekends and putting on a few kilos and being in that zone where you don't like the look of anything you make but don't want to make a bigger size as it feels like you're inviting the flab to hang around permanently.
But I'm getting back into it as I'm seriously running out of clothes.  So I've acquired a pile of Vogue and McCalls patterns from the recent BMV sale (they've had some terrific patterns lately haven't they) as well as the latest Patrones which I'll put on here in the next few days.
Before starting on some new work clothes, I've just been off on a wonderful trip to Bali.  We were staying in a pool villa so an easy to make pool cover-up was in order (keeps the mozzies off too).
The fabric is a cotton voile which required careful pattern placement to avoid looking like an alien version of the Shroud of Turin.

For the pattern, there were a few possibilities in Burda Style, including Model 116B in May 2012.  I had a go at this but oops...disaster (I'll get back to that later).
Or, Model 120 in Burda 4/2009.  Much easier and quicker to make. 
The pattern pieces for the 2012 and 2009 versions are almost identical except for the construction.  The May  version has a seam down the front (very bad idea on a thin fabric) and a tricky inset yoke (very, VERY bad idea on a thin fabric).  The 2009 one has witchy kind of sleeves. 
I ended up with a bit of both - the 2009 pattern but with the straight sleeves from the 2012 pattern.  The facing for this one is sewn on like a normal facing but I did it the opposite way, where the facing ends up on the outside, and edge stitched it. 
Mine doesn't look as glamorous as the Burda version.  I made it slightly too big and sewed the neck split higher than Burda has it, a bit too high.  But it is comfy and good for the beach.

Now to the bad version of the 2012 pattern.  The 1st prob is my fabric choice - this citron silk habutae makes me look sickly.  The 2nd is the construction method - an inset neck band, front seam and split on a light fabric is tricky.  Mine went crinkly. I definitely prefer the 2009 pattern.  Aaarggg... don't you hate it when you waste a nice fabric!    
And to finish, some daily towel art from where we stayed in Bali.  Awww...


  1. I wondered what you had been up too lately. Life happens! I chuckled at your description of what that unique fabric could have looked like. But it looks wonderful in the pattern you chose. I would love to visit Bali, however it would take half my vacation time to get there. Maybe someday.

  2. The placement on the 2009 version is spot on. What a great looking dress! As for gaining a little weight, what else would one do on vacation? :)

  3. Welcome back. Love both your tunics - this is my favourite style of casual dressing.

  4. This is a gorgeous beach cover up! I need to sew something like this.

  5. Hey welcome back, you always find the greatest fabrics, this is perfect for a holiday and the alien turin shroud comment made me laugh!

  6. Welcome back!

    An alien Shroud of Turin - what a great image! Your tunic looks very fashionable and practical too. Can you salvage your yellow tunic - maybe with a light dye job???