Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Fashion Design with Bob Martin - T shirt pattern

I've been on leave since last Thursday and having a great old time, but haven't hit the sewing room much so far. 

Spending lots of time in my house made me realise how much STUFF is in it, particularly in my sewing room.  So, I've been having a bit of a spring clean.  I went on a foray to Ikea for some new sewing room furniture - which is being delivered in the next few hours - I'm excitedly pacing the floor waiting for it.  Although when it comes to trying to put it together I'll be a bit less excited!

Do you think there is such a thing as Ikeaphobia?  I mortally dread going in there.  It is my version of hell... with trolleys.  Once inside the doors there is no escape until you are spat out the other side with another hundred thousand customers hours later.  Going there during the school holidays added another dimension of fear.  

I was impressed, though, that Ikea currently has a 'Sew Me What You Got' competition using Ikea Textiles - and you can win a $1500 gift card, which is a great idea and a great prize.   Although as it involves going into the Store to buy the fabric... noooooo too scary.

On the actual sewing front, I've cut out muslins for a jacket,  t-shirt and 3 pairs of trousers.  The first muslin I've sewn up is this t-shirt that I came across on this site How to Fashion Design with Bob Martin.   I love the shape in the pattern pics.  It looks comfy but a little bit different. 

My trial effort.
It isn't too flattering on me - not sure this is the best shape for rectangles.  It sort of hangs there and you can't see it much from the photo but has giant round pouches under the back of the arms which is a very bad look if you do anything but clamp your arms to your sides.   This needs tweaking!   I'll try cutting down the very large underarm gussets and see how that goes.

Next post when I've sewn something / constructed some furniture.....

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