Saturday, July 10, 2010

My decluttered sewing room and Burda 5/2010 cargo pants

My hands are up, Ikea!  I surrender!  I confessed to being mortally afraid of going in your store and by Ikea karmic retribution my new flatpack table was missing its assembly instructions.   Ikea stress!  

My bacon was saved after an internet search and the revelation that the US Ikea site has assembly brochures available online.  Phew!  So 8 hours after starting and in the wee hours of the morning, my cabinet and table were together and my sewing room had gone from cluttered to a place with SPACE.

The table is my favourite.  The sides go down so the table can be put against the wall when I'm not using it and it has storage - 3 quite roomy drawers on each side so I can put all my cutting out/tracing stuff in there.  

And in the pic below, on the left, the chest of drawers.  This was quickly filled up with fabric.  

At the moment the view isn't the most attractive as it is all the old furniture that I moved out of the room and onto the verandah until it finds a new home.
Even more satisfying is that this room was formerly known as the 'Man Zone' but has been reclaimed - yay!

And thanks to my Mum and Sister, who I asked to give me Ikea gift cards for my birthday to buy sewing room furniture.  Thanks Mum and Tamsyn!

So, I've got the room organised.  I've decluttered.  Now... time to get on to some actual sewing.   I'm going to the Burda sewing club tomorrow so have been cutting out a project to take along to work on - cargo pants from Burda 5/2010.  These are a bit of a mystery item as they look good in the line drawing but a bit baggy and nondescript in the magazine photo.  After making a muslin I'm still not quite sure if they are meant to be a bit jodphur-y shaped or not.  

 I was inspired by these DKNY Resort 2010 trousers, although this kind of slightly baggy style ends up looking just frumpy on me rather than cool and stylish, so mine will be narrower in the leg. 
These Burda trousers had a similar look.
The line drawing... looking good...
But the photo in the magazine is a bit offputting... hmmmm... do they look like they don't fit the model?    They look too big.
The fabric I am using is a Coach cotton/lycra mix (colour described as 'loden') from Emma One Sock.  It is just about the perfect khaki trouser fabric.  Perfect weight and stretchiness for a casual pant.   Fabulous.  It looks less glossy after a wash - like most cotton/lycra mixes, but this is a very nice one.

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