Sunday, July 4, 2010

Burda jacket 12/2009

Save for attaching one button, I've basically finished the biker style jacket from Burda 12/2009.   The pattern pic was:

My version is made in a rather more glitzy fabric, from Fabulous Fabrics here in Perth.  I didn't have small zips for the pockets so substituted with a welt and flap pocket with a brass button. 
My only qualm with this jacket is what did I do to make the sleeves kick out at the bottom like that? Weird! The sleeves are definitely on the right way. I didn't add the cuffs, I just lengthened the sleeve. Maybe it does need the cuffs after all.   


The lining is a gold silk habutai. 

I'll leave it for a few days and think about the sleeves.  Now... onto some t-shirts.  I need an instant gratification project to get me off this sofa.

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