Saturday, July 17, 2010

Burda 5-2010 cargo pants - finished version

Taking photos of yourself wearing your sewing projects is an interesting exercise as it illustrates that how you see something in the mirror can be quite subjective.  I tried my cargo pants on in front of the mirror and thought, oh yes, flattering and they are finished and I'm really happy with them.  Then I photographed myself in them and thought... ewwww, need some more work!

So, back to rejigging the pants.  I took another 1cm off the side seams and a tad more at the knee, which required taking off the pockets and moving them inwards.  So, this is the final version (it is a very crease-y fabric):

I like them and they feel as comfy as track pants so I see myself wearing them a lot.  I can't see myself using this pattern again though. The shape I thought the pattern would be and the shape it actually is are too different and the final fit is a bit iffy.  If I wanted to make more pants in this style I'd dig out a tried and trusted narrow pants pattern and graft on the pockets - and not sure if in the same place. Are the pockets deeply unflattering on the hips? I'm not sure.

My other inspiration item for these, apart from the Guardian selection I mentioned in my earlier post, is from Netaporter and the Balmain Spring 2010 collection.    Under the splits is chain mail!  Wow.  Not something you would be shoving in the washing machine!
Next post will be the Bob Martin t-shirt which is the green t-shirt I am wearing above and currently - a little BIG.    

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