Monday, August 2, 2010

The perils of the peg leg pant

AAAARRGGGHHH!!!!  I had nearly finished the Manequim trousers and they were looking so promising - then I sat down!  I'd tried them on a couple of times standing up and they were fine.  But sitting down, that narrow leg bottom moves up and stops when it hits my calf- so they are not at all comfortable to wear.  Oh dear.  Too late I remembered that last time I made these I used a stretch fabric and added a bit of width to the bottom leg.   This is what you get when you are sewing without enthusiasm - not paying due care and attention!

The offending trousers have been stuffed in a drawer for later consideration of whether they can be rescued. 

I moved on to a pattern from Patrones #290.   These were in my Wardrobe Plan and I've tried them out in the fabric left over from my Burda cargo pants.   They're ok, but I don't think I will include them in the final Wardrobe garments as I'm not that keen on them. 

The pants from Burda 6-2010 that I mentioned in my last post - these ones:

are, however, far more successful and... I can sit down in them!  I'll  review those when I've photographed them, but for now, here is the pattern review for the Patrones pants.
Pattern Description:   Jeans/pants with knee inserts, 2 piece legs and pocket pleats.

Pattern Sizing:   38- 46.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?   It is a bit hard to tell what they look like from the Magazine photo. If contemplating - be aware - they are a jodphur shape unless you take the thighs in.

Were the instructions easy to follow?   I went it alone. They are made in a standard fly front pants manner.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?   Pros - you can get these out of relatively little fabric. There are top and bottom leg pieces so I got these out of a piece 90 x 140 cm plus some other scraps. I also like the knee insert, and the back knee darts.

Cons - unless the side seams on the top half are taken in A LOT these are deeply unflattering and make you look like you have enormous - I'll emphasise that - ENORMOUS thighs! I'm not keen on the low pockets either - side on they rather highlight tummy flab.

Fabric Used:   Leftovers from another pair of pants - a loden Coach cotton - lycra from Emma One Sock. They look a bit weird as I didn't have enough for the waistband and used interfaced bronze foil silk for the outer waistband. I don't plan to wear anything tucked in so that won't be very visible.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:    I took in the side seams between hip and knee and I shortened the top leg 2cm.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?    If you like the style, it is worth a try. I don't love the shape enough to make these again.

Conclusion:   I didn't have any expectations of these and they are fine and comfortable and hey, made out of leftover fabric! I'll wear them but there are definitely more flattering styles out there to try.

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