Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Patrones Mags

Yesterday was a pretty perfect day... gorgeous weather, long lunch and not 1 but 2 Patrones magazines landed on my doormat!  I subscribe to Patrones through Mode Info, although they have increased their fees so much recently that I am going to try subscribing direct through Patrones next time.   The magazines get here faster when ordered direct which is a bonus, plus the very reduced cost.

So far I've only had a skim through Patrones # 93 and #294.  I aim to peruse them thoroughly tomorrow, over my morning coffee.  Nothing much is grabbing me so far - but that is usually the case with summer editions.  I never get very enthused about summer clothes, particularly in the middle of the southern hemisphere winter!
Patrones #294.  Lots of floaty smock tops, chiffon tunics, shorts, bikinis, a few capri pants.  Hmmm nothing I can imagine myself wearing.
I am rather taken with these trousers though.  I have the perfect olive linen.   Wonder how baggy they are - they look reasonable on the model but she is probably 6ft tall. 

And Patrones #293 has more interesting things but again nothing that I'm very inspired to make.   A few sarouel pants and nice basic pants and more safari styles.
I'm hanging out for the next edition... Autumn.... usually full of yummy styles. 

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