Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Burda 8/2008 pants

I've just returned from an eventful trip to a fabric shop to buy a zip.  

My normally trusty car decided to die on the way there, and, true to the laws of breakdowns,  picked the worst place possible - a busy overpass at the traffic lights in pouring rain.   The car has now been towed to a mechanic's.  I squelched home by foot. 

R.A.C. Breakdown Service is a wonderful thing!   There are also some lovely blokes out there who will stop and offer help.  But I still don't have a zip.  

No zip, but there is more fabric!  I've been avoiding more fabric buying (I have heaps) but I couldn't resist this Stretch Cotton Sateen from Fabric.com on special for US$3.49 yd (and a further 20% off with a coupon from RetailMeNot).  Bargain! ...I'm good at deluding myself when it comes to fabric!
I ordered Moss, Olive, Forest Green and Cadet.  There is some variation - the moss is a lighter weight than the others and the forest green is more like a stretch moleskin than sateen.  I'm not terribly keen on the feel or look of the blue, but it is ok.  Overall, the quality of these is excellent.     

These fabrics are calling "cargo pants"!  I' was mooching around David Jones Department Store and saw a pair that reminded me of a Burda August 2008 pattern.  Isn't one of the nice things about sewing when you can scoff at the pricetag and think - I can make these!
I'd never looked at this pattern before, mainly due to this photo which suggests the pants are skin tight.  
Luckily, the pattern is slim fitting but nowhere near tight.  
I used the forest green fabric.  I'm really pleased with how these have turned out.  They are comfy and the pattern is a really flattering cut with interesting design details.
I switched these with the linen pants in my Pattern Review Wardrobe, they go far better with the other items.  
Not quite sure what to make now.  I'm off to Melbourne for Grand Final Weekend and I've got a wedding to go to in a few weeks - both meriting some sewing.   I'm prowling the mail box hoping the post office will bring me some new pattern magazines and some inspiration.....

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