Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vogue 1191 Michael Kors dress - Part 1

A couple of posts ago I complained about McCalls/Butterick/Vogue vastly increasing the shipping and handling charges for international customers.

The lovely Melissa, Curious Kiwi, has spotted that the company has just dropped its rates.    That is fantastic!   It seems that they have listened to their customers and reconsidered the price hike.   

Yeah for McCalls!   

I acquired this fab Michael Kors pattern pre-shipping-hike.
I'm a bit apprehensive as to what this is going to look like on me as the 'figure flattery' indication on the envelope says that it suits every figure type BUT mine.  But so far, the muslin is looking ok.  I LOVE THIS DRESS!   If you have any curves, this makes you feel like you are channelling your inner Sophia Loren in a 1960s Italian movie.  It is glam! 
I'm going to a wedding in early October and this is a potential outfit.    The prototype is in a black poly jersey (don't worry, I'm not wearing black to the wedding!) - I have a green jersey for the final version.  

Clearly, I'll have to make a couple of changes - there is no front!  I'll do a full bust adjustment and make the neckline higher - This is definitely an A or B cup dress out of the packet.  As is, it is open almost to my tummy button and opens out even more when the sleeves are on.  Yikes! 
The instructions are mind boggling, although I don't envy Vogue trying to describe twisting fabric in words.  Some steps I could only work out by putting it on the dress form and playing around with it.  

I'm taking lots of photos of the steps which I will post as I go.    I have a blissful afternoon and evening of pure, uninterrupted sewing ahead.


  1. I saw this pattern and thought it was beautiful but was quite alarmed at the "advanced"!! I would describe myself as, hmm, let's say intermediate. Was thrilled to find out someone is brave enough to try it out. Please let me know how it turns out and how difficult it is!

  2. Does anyone see a resemblance to a dress made by Casanova on this season of "Project Runway"?

  3. How did you adjust the top for a larger bust?
    I spend some brain time with the pattern so am beginning to understand it but now I need to adjust for a d or e cup. I'm a 34 chest and 38 bust, and measure 33 under my bust. This is what happens after 50! I used to be a perfect 34 b and never had to change the pattern.

  4. It's very beautiful !! I like it ♥

  5. It's very Beautiful. I like it! ♥