Friday, September 17, 2010

Vogue 1191 Part III Construction

The green Vogue 1191 dress is progressing... slowly.   

There are only 4 pattern pieces and yet this is marked as 'Advanced'.  The sewing techniques are standard for a knit dress, but working out how to put this together is the challenge and some of the instructions are head scratchers.
I've taken photos of all the steps in case it helps anyone else attempting this.   My construction is a bit different than the pattern as I left out the zip and raised the neckline.

Transferring all the pattern markings is key (my preference - sewing carbon paper and a tracing wheel).
There are a fair few pleats and darts to contend with.
I''m using wooly nylon thread in the sewing machine bobbin.   I sewed the skirt centre front seam first (rather than at pattern step 3) - it was easier to visualise what is what and which side of the jersey is the right side.

Pattern Step 1 has you reinforce here and clip.

 Step 2 has you turn in the upper part and edgestitch it. 
Step 4 - machine baste the waist pleats.
Step 5 -stitch the waist darts.
Press them all flat.
Step 6 -sew the shoulder pleats and press them.
Sew the waist dart in the facing and then trim it and press.
Next post - how to raise the neckline and the final part of step 6 onwards.   Otherwise this is going to be a loooooooong post....

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