Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vogue 1191 Part II and a quickie cardi

I've finished the prototype Michael Kors dress aka Vogue 1191.  This started off as a muslin but I've got a feeling that I am going to love the prototype even more than the green final version.    

Putting this dress together was a bit of a puzzle, but it is well worth the effort. 

I'm really surprised it fits so well - maybe it is one of those wonder dresses like a wrap dress that manages to accommodate lots of body types and heights.    I thought I would have to do a Full Bust Adjustment but now the neckline has been sewn up I may be able to get away with it.   It is only the bodice facing that is tight - the outer bodice has pleating so is roomier.   
It was cold outside today and couldn't quite face getting in the dress and photographing it on me!
I'll take some pics of the construction process for this pattern when I make the green version - much easier to see on green fabric.

It even has a nice inside as there is a inner waist facing hiding all the messy seams.
I've cut out the green version of the dress, but did a short detour to a simple jacket - although mine looks more like a cardigan.  

This cute jacket is from Burda 09/2008.  The pattern has exposed seams on the collar finish and sleeve bands.
Mine isn't as cute - I didn't have such a fine wool jersey and only had one zip.   I used a Vera Wang Lavender 'wool jersey', one of the great collection of reduced VW fabrics that had last year.  In real life it is more of a sweater knit, and a bit scratchy so I have lined my cardi. 
I added an exposed zip and brass buttons.

I would love to find an online source for Riri zips, they make every other zip look drab.  I bought a few last year from Britex - although I haven't really done the zip justice in this case.  My zip was shorter than the pattern requires so it ends short of the waistband - I thought the jacket was going to be too short and hoped it wouldn't be too noticeable - but seeing it on the dressform.... hmmm maybe it is.   Can I bear the thought of taking off the waistband and shortening the length?  I'm not planning on wearing it done up. 

I'll think about that one... meanwhile onto the green dress....

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