Thursday, September 30, 2010

Patrones #295

Patrones No. 295 has arrived in my mail box! 

This is the early Autumn edition and if you are wanting to make a tailored jacket, this is the Patrones to get - there are 14 jackets on offer.    The Aussie summer is on its way so I won't be contemplating any suit making for a while, but there are other goodies.

I currently subscribe to Patrones through ModeInfo but I'm going to have to find an alternative source.  ModeInfo has been excellent but I just had a letter from them advising that next year's subscription will be Euro 231, which is E100 or so more than  last year.  Wow! As much as I love Patrones, that would make them rather too pricey and and I've seen on a couple of boards that there are cheaper alternatives.

Manequim hasn't turned up yet.  They sent me an email late in July saying that I would start to receive the mags in 2 months, so hopefully my first is winging its way here.     

Now, back to Patrones. 
My favourite - this gorgeous blouse.  From the pattern pics it looks like the trim is thin bias strips of the fabric. 
And this coat is lovely.
And this has potential although I'd maybe leave off the stripes as it makes me think - 1980s!
There are also a couple of OTT ones.   The sarouel pants in the photo below look really uncomfortable.  Is this trend a myth?  There are loads more of these pants in magazines than I have ever seen worn in real life.  I have seen maybe a handful, on young tall girls in tshirting fabric and they look very cool on them, but that is about it.  
 And I quite like this top, but not sure how easy it would be to wear.
It looks like there may be 2 Patrones next month - with an additional Plus size issue. 

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  1. You can go directy to, and aks for a supscrition to Australia.
    I have Patrones for almost 20 years and love it.Last I received the 296 but not the special