Monday, September 20, 2010

Vogue 1191 Part IV Construction

The weather is so nice in Perth at the moment, I've been feeling all energetic and wanting to be out and about rather than in the sewing room.  Spring has arrived! But I have set today aside to finish this dress.  Off to Melbourne in a couple of days.  
So, I'm up to the last paragraph of Step 6 of the instructions for Vogue 1191.   This is where I started getting confused with the pattern diagrams.  

I always have to raise necklines but this one was particularly low. Raising the neckline is easy but the method isn't initially obvious.  The top of the marking below that looks like a dart is the neckline point.  To raise the neckline, just extend the line up to where you want it.   
Now reinforce stitch to and from the closest circles, and up to the new neckline point.
I got particularly confused by Pattern Step 7.   Ummmmmmmmm..........?   
What they mean is sandwich the right side of the bodice pieces together, matching the lines in red and then stitch along those lines.
And slash.
When you hold the pieces up, magically you have something resembling a bodice. 
Step 8 - BEWARE. I think I made a mistake in my reading of this.  Be careful about the circles they are referring to.  The pattern says:
I turned under the bit between the clips in the middle, so it looked like this.  I'm not certain but I think that may be WRONG.  When I went to sew on the skirt I had a bigger gap than I should have.  
Next up - the back, and if you don't want to insert a zip ignore pattern steps 10 to 18.    Instead sandwich right sides of back and back facing together and sew neck edge.
Turn and understitch back neck facing - that is my preference to stop the neckline rolling out and showing the facing.
The next step is a bit difficult to show but open out shoulder seams of the front and of the back and sew the front to the back at shoulders. 
So, it ends up looking like this right side out. 
Next sew side seams of front and back facings and front and back bodice. 
Right side out the dress will look like this on the dressform. Pin and baste around the bottom of the bodice and sleeves. 

You are then up to Step 19 and have finished with the bodice and are attaching the skirt. Final steps next post.

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