Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Patterns! New Burda Easy Fashion and Lekala

Oh I do love freebie patterns!   And suddenly there are multitudes of them!  


The German Burda Website has some cute new Easy Fashion patterns, which seem to be from its Autumn/Winter 2010 mag.   While it looks like quite a few,  I think there are actually only 2 patterns and instructions - one trouser and one tee, with lots of variations.  
Other Easy Fashion patterns on the Site are free and simple to download.  However, for the new ones, Burda requires you to input a download code.  I can't believe how much time I spent trying to work out what the Code was!  All the site says is:
Comments on the Site by other frustrated patternistas suggest that they were having the same problem. 

About to give up, I typed in the code in the Burda diagram (i.e. UYPBBxv9Ws) and it worked!   DUH!!!! I had assumed that the code there was an example, not THE code!   Obviously I wasn't the only one to be be bamboozled so I don't feel ENTIRELY stupid.

The instructions come in heaps of languages - but not English.  There are many clear pictures of the steps though, and they are very simple styles. 
My favourite - version B with Padded/quilted shoulders - but are those built in mittens???   
And these - love the version with sequined mesh under gashes. 
And more....

And even better - as mentioned on Fehr Trade and then Pattern Review, a Russian pattern company, Lekala, has an amazing freebie.  All of its women's patterns in a size 42 or 44 (Burda sizes) are available for download during September - for nothing!  That is 86 pages of patterns!  In addition, some of the patterns where you put in your measurements and it spits out a personally sized pattern, are also free. 

What a great offer! I haven't tried sewing any of their patterns before but I am really keen to try. There is a huge range to choose from - there are so many fabulous styles, I keep finding more I want to download, but my faves so far are these.
Happy downloading!


  1. Glad you liked my headsup on the Lekala patterns - I've downloaded soooo many and I just saw the Russian version of the site has a bunch of new ones the English site doesn't have yet (also with the 42/44 freebies) if you don't mind about not having instructions.

    And thanks very much for explaining about the easy fashion code - I didn't get it either!!

  2. I've just finished the Burda Easy motorcyle pants, so check them out at http://chanelno6.blogspot.com/ I love your work on the Michael Kors dress. And the coding is a headache, right? I'm not sure what it adds to the party, unless they think you've bought the mag to get the code. Many thanks. Having just done the Donna Karan dress, I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle another fabric origami headache, but I love the result.
    I found your site thanks to AllisonC. Keep up the great work! I'll add your blog to my "bloglist" on site.