Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vogue's autumn patterns

I am officially 1 month and 11 days into my long service leave - and being very lazy.   I think I am getting cabin fever!  I made a long list of 'things to do' and have been avoiding them.   It does have dreaded things on it like - 'do tax return' and 'go to dentist' but it also has good things like 'get someone in for new built in wardrobe' and 'plan a trip', and I haven't got around to those either. 

The Vogue fall patterns were released recently.  There are some really enticing styles.  From other sewers' blogs it seems we all wait for the $3.99 sale and get a nice pile at the same time.  Some of my choices are practical, some probably not.   Anyway, my picks:

this Michael Kors dress is a favourite with lots of us by the looks of it.   Dresses tend to languish unworn in my wardrobe so I might make it as a top. 
And this DKNY dress, also really practical and wearable.
And these 2 Donna Karan patterns - although these are in the 'love but maybe not very practical' box - both great but look like very tall person's outfits.   I bought them for the skirt for the first one and the jacket for the second.
And, this Tracey Reese top and skirt would be great for a summer work outfit. 
With this Issey Miyake pattern, the fabrics they have chosen on the envelope are a bit distracting but it has possibilities.  The jeans look like a nice shape.  The 'tunic' I would shorten, maybe as a short jacket. 
And finally, I added a Butterick pattern which looks lovely in the reviews I have seen on Pattern Review. 
Today I am happily making tshirts and will post some pics when I have finished my latest.  It is raining and wintry today so no excuse not to hit the sewing machine!


  1. Nice picks. How much longer do you have on your long service leave? And do tell, where in Australia, (or should it be HOW) do you source the 3.99 Vogue sales???

  2. Hi Imaan, I've got 4 1/2 mths left and having that kind of time off work is such a once in a lifetime opportunity I want to do some special things but I'm being lethargic - winter-itis!

    Unfortunately the $3.99 deal isn't an Aus one - it's from the US McCalls so it ended up being Au$7.68 each inc post, and inc BMV membership discount of 10% off the 3.99. I think I filled in the "Get pattern news" button on the site and they send specials emails. They always seem to have a $3.99 one shortly after they release their new patterns. Even with postage, seems cheaper for us than Spotlight or Lincraft, plus more current!

  3. I just had a delivery of patterns from BMV & amongst them I go the Tracey Reece top & skirt and the Butterick tops too :) Now to just get some sewing done!