Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 BurdaStyle Lydias and Patrones pants

Now, a quick question - can you see the link to send comments on this post?  Comments is enabled and it worked briefly for my last post and I had a comment and responded... and then it all vanished.  All is looking ok on the settings but when I look at the blog there is no comments link.  Mysterious!   I wonder what I have done?

I've been a bit slack on the sewing and blogging front but I do have a pair of Patrones pants and 2 tshirts finished.   Only 1 top and 1 bottom left to do for the Pattern Review Wardrobe.  The closer I get to finishing the slower I am going!

I've never tried any Burdastyle patterns before but this downloadable 'Lydia' pattern may become my go-to tshirt pattern - with some tweaking based on this very useful article from Threads Not your ordinary tshirt.   
As recommended in the article, I lowered the front 1/2" and added a bit to the seams at the bust line in lieu of a full bust adjustment.  Tshirts have the annoying tendency to slide backwards over my shoulders so I love the quick solution suggested  - raise the back neckline and shoulder and take a bit off the front shoulder - works a treat.

Version 1 - made in a very light cotton jersey with a tea stain pattern.   The embellishment on the shoulders is a fabulous camouflage sequined fabric from Tessuti. 
I made this a bit looser than the basic pattern as the fabric is thin and shows up every flabby bit if tight. 
Each shoulder embellishment is 2 half ovals with a seam the shape of the shoulder line.  I removed the sequins within the seam allowance and tacked a small hem, then sewed it onto the top.  That looked a bit harsh so I also zigzagged a thin strip of the fabric around the outside to soften the line.  

Version 2 is made in a black rayon spandex jersey from Beautiful Fabric WA.  I changed the basic pattern bottom to a tail shape.  The shoulder embellishment is the same fabric but this time I just hand sewed on an oval lined with the jersey.  

And the jeans in the pictures - these are from Patrones #285.
I was a bit unsure about the topstitching - I'd prefer it to be a bit more subtle.  I did think about dying them but then realised the topstitching thread is polyester - so light coloured topstitching it is!

One more pair of trousers and one top to freedom!

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  1. The comment box is present here :)

    Love the jeans and the tops. I would like to visit Beautiful Fabric one day....maybe when I finish sewing my stash lol