Sunday, August 8, 2010

Burda 6-2010 pants, Patrones #285 jacket and pants

A few finished projects to catch up on... I've been plodding away with the Wardrobe Contest sewing. 

Burda 6-2010 trousers

This capri pant pattern appears in the June Burda mag. 
I've lengthened them to a full length trouser without the curved hem and they are made in a shimmery stretch poly-cotton from Fabric Gallery in Perth.

This is a really nice trouser pattern.   I love the pleating/pockets. And... they are easy and quick to make which is always a big plus!

Patrones #285 Jacket

I wish I knew how to take decent pictures of black clothes - my photos all look washed out.  This is the Patrones #285 diagonal zipped jacket worn with the Burda pants.    

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is truly a bare bones pattern. There are no facings and the lining is the same as the other pattern pieces.   The pattern didn't have anything after the zip on the right hand side in the photo, which looked funny, so I drafted an underlap.  

The pink part is the existing pattern piece.  I laid tracing paper on the pattern piece and drew a straight line at a 90 degree angle from the point at the bottom to the mid neck.   I then placed the back shoulder pattern on the tracing paper and copied the whole shoulder line.  I drew a freehand line to the mid neck point and seam allowances were finally added to the seams.   
Patrones #285 skinny jeans

And last but not least, I have another item for the Wardrobe Contest - only one more bottom to go now.   Patrones #285 was a very worthwhile buy - lots of yummy patterns and this is my 5th item from this mag.  And there are still loads of things I'd love to make.   This is the picture on the impossibly tall skinny model.   They have knee inserts and lots of topstitching.   
  And this is my effort, on the back of a door.  
These were a pleasure to make.  The pattern fitted really nicely with a minimum of changes and they are very comfortable in a stretch denim.  I am a bit iffy about the topstitching colour - it isn't exactly subtle.  Is it a bit OTT?   I want to make these again in a black denim with black or dark grey topstitching.   It is such a great pattern.  

Bit sick of trouser making at the moment so have moved on to t-shirts, working off  Burda Lydia.    

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  1. Jacquie! I love the first pair of trousers (Burda 6-2010) here! They look amazing in this photograph! I never choose trouser patterns with pleats - too much like golfing pants (and while I like golf, I don't like golf "fashion" quite so much!). But there's something about the angling of the pleats on the front of these that look super cute on you! Lengthening the pants was a great idea too :)

    Back to trawling through your archives... ;)