Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miffed at McCalls!

Indulge me with a giant gripe!

Dear McCalls,
I have loyally purchased my Vogue/McCalls/Butterick patterns from your US site for years.  You have such good sales. I love Vogue patterns.  I buy heaps of them.  You have always been so good to me.... UNTIL NOW!   

You have new charges unless I am mistaken, and you are seriously slugging us poor international customers.  

I assume these are new charges as I made a purchase from you 3 weeks ago.  The postage for 7 patterns then was just under US$25 to Australia and all I paid was the cited cost of the pattern and the postage - no 'handling charge'.  But you say your new charges are:

Shipping and Handling Charges 
No.                                U.S. and Canada                                    International
1-3                                  $4.00                                                                    $20.00
4-7                                  $8.00                                                                    $40.00
8-15                                $12.00                                                                  $70.00
-20                                  $16.00                                                                  $100.00

I could be completely wrong but I just checked your postal company calculator and the actual postage charge doesn't seem to have increased.  Hey, I'm in Australia, I expect postage costs to be high.  But not this high!  So, is the increase a 'handling charge' for international customers?   

Please explain?

Yours sincerely
Disgruntled International Customer.  

It's not an easy job being a sewer these days is it?  So many of the fabric shops have disappeared, Burda is mucking around with us, and I have wondered from time to time whether the days of paper patterns are numbered.  What I didn't expect was pattern companies deciding to discourage international customers from buying their patterns! 

What a weird business decision.   Why don't they just increase the cost of the patterns or not reduce them so much on sale, rather than charge international customers a separate fee?  

Grrrrr McCalls.... Grr..... 


  1. Oh my goodness are you serious? That's disgusting, what will we do now...well I'm not going to start driving to Spotlight! Argh. My last lot was $25 postage too, I think I had 7 patterns as well and because they were on sale the price for each pattern still averaged out really cheap. I think we all need to write complaint letters, hopefully it's just a silly mistake :(

  2. I just jumped back onto BMV...they have amended their shipping rates... :)

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  4. I am a regular (international) customer of Voguepatterns/McCall's and I am disappointed with their new shipping and handling fees too. Even after they rethought the ridiculous shipping prices, the actual shipping costs are always about a half less than I have to pay. That's why I now turn more often to sewingpatterns.com, where the shipping costs are more accurate and customer-friendly. With their sales starting at 2.99 USD for a Butterick or McCall's pattern, you can't beat the price (at least for us, the international customers).