Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Woo Hoo!

My Pattern Review Wardrobe entry is finished!   Woo Hooooooooo! 

The aim was to have a wardrobe of casual clothes that all worked together as I was really lacking in that department. 

It's very satisfying looking at the rack of clothes and seeing that I do now have things that mix and match and it is lots of fun trying them all on.   With the benefit of hindsight, if I ever tried a  SWAP wardrobe again I would go for less detailed items as I took such a long time and was really uninspired by the end.    Even my tax return was starting to look enticing! 

Although..... some of the earlier items seem to have shrunk!  Oh no!  Being on holiday, not walking to and from work and being so close to the fridge is having the inevitable result.  There have been glimpses of spring in the air... .. it is time to get outside.

Now, while I ponder that, these were the patterns I ended up using for the Wardrobe. 
And these are the finished items.
The photos of the last 2 things I've made are a bit saggy and baggy looking but I like them more in real life than the photos suggest.  

For the last top I was totally out of inspiration so made a very simple trapeze tee, but it is in cream silk jersey so feels lovely.   The pattern is from Patrones #272. 
The pants are from Patrones #294, in a washed medium weight linen so are very floppy - and impossible to photo. The feature is the back, which has lovely seaming.   I did have to remove one of the pleats - 3 pleats was just way too much volume. 
Aaahhhh... what to make now I'm back to Sewing Without A Plan?

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