Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wardrobe Contest and Burda Tuxedo Jacket

In my last post I  optimistically claimed that one more evening would see the Burda tuxedo jacket finished.  Hah!  A head cold struck and since then I've had the activity level of a sick snail.  

I have neeeearly finished the jacket...... I've given up on the padded epaulettes of the magazine version, but in lieu of those, I need to go back and insert shoulder pads.   It's a lovely pattern and I'm very happy with the jacket and will take some pics when it is totally finished.   

Some of my cold ridden sofa time was spent planning a wardrobe.  After mentioning SWAP wardrobes in an earlier post and saying that I wouldn't want to enter a contest - Pattern Review has a Wardrobe Contest.  This requires that 10 items be made by August 31 - 4 bottoms, 4 tops, 1 topper and 1 free choice.  All items must go with all other items and at least 1 has to incorporate a current fashion trend.   I'm tempted.

I'm thinking of a utility trend - casual urban clothes in earth tones and hopefully all or mostly from fabric and patterns I already have.  I've settled on 2 items to start with.

The first is a t shirt I came across entirely by accident - on a site called 'How to Fashion Design with Bob Martin'.   It looks kind of interesting and as it is only $5.99, I'm game to try it out.  The pattern and instructions came by email in a couple of days as promised and the instructions look very clear, with lots of photos (they get points for that).   The site will only permit showing the photo of the back, but the front and pattern details can be found at t-shirt pattern link.

The second item is a biker style jacket, in one of the 3 Burda Magazine patterns below (still dithering on which).
The inspiration is this Christopher Kane jacket (pic from this website link).  Fantastic fabric but doubt I've got much chance of finding anything like it so will be going with a Vera Wang bronze metallic linen mix.
Will post some pictures of the Burda jacket when I have a mo...

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