Monday, June 14, 2010

A rare treat

I had a rare pleasure this weekend - I went to a real life fabric shop, liked the fabrics available and browsed for a hour or so.

Some years ago when there were a number of fabric shops in the City, on late night shopping nights I had the ritual of spending an hour or two browsing fabrics and patterns.  It made me feel relaxed and happy.   The fabric shops eventually moved out into the suburbs or disappeared and now that little pleasure of inspecting fabrics in the flesh is mostly only available when I go on holiday somewhere.

Perth does have some fabric shops but most are craft shops with a limited fabric stock and the only shops with nicer fabric seem to be  so overpriced I tend to get a bit annoyed and leave without buying anything. 

But this weekend, I went to a fabric shop and it had some nice fabric in it and there were some affordable fabrics that I loved - and bought... and came home feeling relaxed and happy.   And here they are....

All but the grey tshirting are going to form part of my 'Wardrobe' as I am dying to make them into something.   So much for my aim of making it all from my stash hah!

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