Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burda 12/2009 biker jacket ... halfway

I just looked at the Wardrobe Contest thread on the Pattern Review website - yikes!  Somehow they are up to page 105!   Some have almost finished their wardrobes!  Some are raring to make 2 wardrobes! 

I have exactly half of one of the 10 required items.  However, I worry not, as after Wednesday I'll be freed from the obligation to spend every waking hour thinking about work and my long service leave will start.   I've never had the opportunity to have such a period of not working so I'm ecstatic! 

The sewing in the meantime has been slow.  There has been a lot of tidying up work required to be able to take a long period of leave.  But, hey... after 3 more days I'll have all the time in the world to sew.   

I'll have so much time to sew I will probably be sitting blinking at it thinking.... this is unnatural... I have time... what do I do?    

Now in the interim, the half a garment... This is the biker jacket from Burda Magazine 12/2009 - the sleeves, facing and lining are done but yet to go in. 

I'm a bit iffy about the fabric.  I'd love it if it didn't have the paisley bits.  It is looking a bit too mother of the bride outfit at the moment.  

The photo doesn't do it justice, but this is a zip with sentimental value!  Last October I went on holiday to San Francisco and visited Britex - and the only thing I bought was some gorgeous metallic Riri zips (unfortunately none matching).   They are the sort of zips designed for the exposed zip look.   But I suspect they will date quickly and need to be used, and bronze zip - this is your jacket.

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