Monday, June 21, 2010

Burda 12/2009 Biker Jacket

What a blissful day!  A whole day for sewing with nowhere to be and no interruptions.

I signed up for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest and most people seem to prepare a Storyboard showing each of their items and patterns.   I was getting a bit bogged down with mine.  I've looked through every pattern and pattern mag, traced loads of patterns, fossicked through my fabrics, discovered I don't have 10 fabrics that go together (unless they are all black) - and got stuck at 8 of the 10 required items.   Even then I keep changing my mind.   

My Storyboard so far (subject to change as the mood strikes me) is: 
My wardrobe isn't very varied as you will see. Not one but 2 biker jackets! And 4 pairs of pants! But I'm aiming at casual clothes that I'll wear while I am on long service leave and I should wear these.  

So, finally, I've started my first garment which is a jacket from Burda Mag. 12/2009.  I have to confess I traced off 3 patterns and made muslins for each before settling on the one to make. 

First try -  nah, too blouson.   
 Second try - potential but too strangly - and too much fabric in the front. 
So, this is the one that I am making (without the shoulder topstitchings and twiddly bits).

In this fabric, which is a bit shimmery but not quite as shiny as the pic suggests. 

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