Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sequins and more sequins

I found a lovely little bundle sitting on my doormat when I got home today - a fabric order from Tessuti in Sydney.   I only bought a small amount of this but it is the MOST FABULOUS fabric -  nicer than I even imagined. 

There are more pearly bone or more gunmetal sequins depending which way you smooth it.  It is light and the sequins are sewn on a thin black jersey so it has a bit of stretch.  I have it here next to me on the sofa and keep stroking it.... aaahhhh.... 

I am doubly impressed as after work I had gone with a friend to a boutique having a sale, and kept fondling a black version of this Alistair Trung sequined cowl/scarf, which could be stretched all sorts of ways and looked very chic.  Even at 45% off the $495 price it was a little out of my budget!  But there on my doorstep when I got home was my own little sequined bundle. 

I don't think I'd wear a cowl but my fabric, narrower and backed with black chiffon may make a  great scarf and for a mere $13.75!   Although now I want more but am meant to be economising  - ewwwww the struggle!   I initially bought it to use on the shoulders of a t-shirt.  Now I think it would also be great as this floppy messenger bag - the Diana Bag on BurdaStyle.  Not worn all together I assure you!  A little of this fabric goes a long way.

Maybe the scarf will pep up my Wardrobe Storyboard for the PR Review contest, which is otherwise looking a bit drab... but more on that one next post!   Bye for now, off to gaze lovingly at my sequins some more. 

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