Saturday, April 2, 2011

Manequim March

Finally, a weekend with some sewing time.  I did do a few hours during the week.  I've always loved this pattern but only recently bought it - the 3 pieces are timeless.
I'm making the blouse:
In this silk georgette.
In the meantime, a very kind person has fixed my laptop.  Laptops don't have much of a shelf life do they?   The model came out in 2004 and was approached by the Fixer as if a fossil had lobbed on his desk.  His advice - not worth it, but he did get it limping on for a little longer.  I'm not really one for getting rid of things when they still work. I owe him a nice bottle of something as he did it for free.

Anyway, that means I can print and scan things again.  The most recent Manequim to turn up in the post box was March.
I read on Pattern Review that Manequim can at long last be obtained on Ebay - yay, someone has been enterprising.   And there seem to be a fair few of them. So anyone not wanting to commit to a subscription (which cost US$135 last year) can try getting hold of single copies there. 

If you are thinking of buying the March mag hop over to the Curious Kiwi and Fehr Trade blogs, and I've scanned a few of the other styles here. 

I think there are always 33 patterns in Manequim.  First up, the usual section on pieces inspired by an actress's TV wardrobe.
Then a section on dresses, including the cover dress and the following 2 styles.
Some very nice separates.  I really like this first blouse with the tied front.
My personal favourite from this Mag - the jacket with its gathered collar.
I'm a separates fan as you may have noticed, and there are lots of very nice items in this Mag.
There is also a garment that if there was a competition for unwearability, would merit an entry.  Hmmmm...    


  1. Two thoughts: I need a dress or top with a distinctive sleeve treatment. And I'm sooo happy COLOUR is back!!! *happy dance*

  2. Jacquie, we are women of very similar tastes.Can't wait to see your finished blouse. I cant tell you how many times I've nearly bought this pattern. Judgement told me I actually have patterns for each of the components. My favourite is the parka jacket. Perhaps I could swap a trace for something you like from Burda or Patrones?

  3. Those are gorgeous dresses but I doubt any of them would look as good on me. This is my problem with magazine fashion spreads. I prefer to just go on and try on dresses the old fashioned way in real shops.