Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vogue 1217 Mark II

My sewing room has been deserted for the last couple of weeks.   Getting home from work late and lots of things taking up the weekends.  You know how it is.  I'm feeling a great need for some therapeutic sewing time.  

I did manage to make (very slowly) another version of Vogue 1217.
This is the Anna Sui dress. 
The earlier version was this one.  I received a couple of  'that's a nice top' comments at work so thought it was worth a second pattern outing.
The fabric this time is a green stretch silk charmeuse from Denver Fabrics (with the shiny side inside save for the bow).  Is it just me or are shiny fabrics hard to wear?  A bit unnecessary using a stretch for this style I know, and it did make finishing the bias side of the bow difficult, but it was the fabric in the stash that seemed to have the right weight and drape.  

I changed the bow on both tops.  The first pic below is the way recommended in the pattern.  The bow at the top is double folded - bit chocolate box I thought.  
So it was left undoubled.  
An inch was trimmed off each side seam to make it slimmer fitting.

I mentioned last time that the unaltered pattern would make a super short dress as only 9cm had to be cut off to turn it into a top.   As this version was cut narrower and is in drapier fabric it didn't look quite as short as the grey one, where the fabric wasn't drapey and stands away from the body.  A few more cms were cut off for  this green version.   
The pattern has tucks at the bottom, and these were included these for the grey version, but for the green version they made it look rather round and puffy around the hips (and who needs that?) so were left off this time.   
I'm on a mission to find some sewing time this week.  


  1. I love it - another success. I definitely think your bow is more elegant that what they suggest. Perhaps the double bow would be alright if the material was very fine and light. I wonder what this is actually like as a dress?

  2. What a beautiful color! And you are right about the bow--yours is better.

  3. Oh your first version is in that Costarella fabric! Beautiful! Going to Potters today, it there's any left I am so grabbing some :) Good luck finding some sewing time, I know what you mean xx

  4. Jacquie I just love the tops you make. That rich green colour is so beautiful.