Friday, March 11, 2011

Patrones 302

Thanks everyone for the comments on the dress in my last post.  Lots of you said it worked with tights so I'm going to keep it as a dress and wear it that way.  I tried it with purple tights too and they look quite ok.   A good out to dinner dress.

Sorry for the terrible photos here.  My laptop stopped working a while ago - if I switched it on, it switched itself off.  The substitute resolutely refuses to have anything to do with the scanner so bad photos it is! 
Patrones 302 - Full spring edition.  I was expecting not to like much in it.  By the time the spring and summer editions arrive in my mailbox in Australia I've been lying on the sofa for 6 months complaining that I'm too hot.  We don't really get 4 seasons in Perth - it is either hot or it is not.

But the first things my eyes alighted on were - wow!  I love an interesting but easy top like this.  This is going on the sewing list.
And even more wonderful... double tick for sewing list.
And there is another interesting top in the Plus section.
But oh dear, I flip over the page to a horror flashback to my youth.  Ewww!  Denim on denim - light denim moreover - and a high paper bag waist!  No!.... Some things should never come back into fashion.
And another one in the Plus Size section.  Denim on denim on denim. 
There is also a Safari style feature.  I'm a bit over safari styles - we just had the Burda magazine safari patterns and they tend to look quite similar after a while.  I like these photos although the location with these trousers and the following capey thing oddly make me think of base jumping wingsuits.
This tailcoat is wonderful.
And a section on petticoats.  That is unusual - don't think I have seen that anywhere before.
And finally, the pattern menu.  


  1. I really like the look of your Patrones patterns - I have magazine envy! Those first few tops look fun to make, and I find myself strangely drawn to the white flying trousers... The tailcoat is definitely lovely. So how do you go with the instructions? Do you translate them?

    PS I would have nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award in my list of 7 but you got one from the same source as me! I do love your blog though, and you make so many damned gorgeous things!

  2. Thanks Gabrielle! I have tried Internet translation on Patrones (and Manequim) instructions but they weren't very comprehensible. I've only tried the simpler things that I think I can make without instructions so far but there have been a couple of things where I was a bit stumped - particularly if the garment photo isn't very clear. Lots of room for artistic licence!

  3. Jacquie, btw you and Melissa, I think I need to remind both the editors of Patrones and Manequim that you guys need a percentage or a free subscription. You are make me want these so bad, LOL!

    Keep up the good job!

    Now, a petticoat/slip segment is JUST WHAT I NEED!!!

  4. I do like the pale blue top with the interesting sleeves and the tie at the front. Maybe I should get over my fear of Patrones and have a go at making it?