Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stockpiling for Easter Sewathon

Roll on tomorrow afternoon!  Anyone else having a sewing Easter?  I'm being left to my own devices for the 5 day break (can't wait) and am having a sewathon.   I've been stockpiling patterns, fabrics and thread for it.  Although when have I ever needed an excuse to acquire more fabrics and patterns?  

I also had a cutting out binge at the weekend.   That is 3 tops,  2 pairs of trousers and a skirt - phew.
A package of patterns has also arrived.  I do feel mildly guilty about not buying patterns in fabric shops in Perth but they don't seem to have many sales and are expensive in comparison with buying from the US Vogue site.   I ordered a pile from the Vogue site when they had recently had a $3.88 sale of their new patterns.  I must have gone a bit mad as a couple I looked at upon arrival and thought - what was I thinking?

I particularly like the Ralph Rucci white dress - which I was actually intending on making as a coat.  It looks more like a coat than a dress.
The grey Issey Miyake dress I'm not too sure about.  I'm intrigued by it but the original in the pattern looks too long to me and the grey shiny fabric is horrible.  Anyone else think it is a bit of an odd but fascinating one?
And I paid a fruitful visit to my favourite fabric shop, Potters.  From the remnant table came this lovely red and black silk/cotton voile and black cotton spandex.  
Plus a camel coloured wool/modal knit, a lightweight brown pinstripe trouser fabric, dark brown cotton/spandex satin  and some more silk/cotton.   I guess browns are going to be featuring in the winter wardrobe.
Patrones #303 also arrived yesterday (I'm having a good week!) which I'll be having a good flick through for inspiration.   A baggy trousers special, some nice summer fancy dresses and casual cotton tops and skirts.
On a totally unrelated matter, anyone who is in the Royal Wedding mood and is a fast knitter can now whip up a couple of corgis for the day- is this not cute?  The pattern is on the Guardian newspaper site and is from a book entitled 'Knit Your Own Royal Wedding', also available on the site.  Fun!



  1. Enjoy your easter sewathon, I'm quite envious as still waiting for my washing machine to get fixed - today hopefully, spare parts permitting. I could do lots of tracing and cutting but it's just not the same is it. If I could knit I'd whip up some corgis!!

  2. I'm hoping for an Easter sewing binge too. Love that DKNY dress - I'm doing another DKNY dress. Thanks for the pattern scan too. My husband is printing for me, so hope it worked.

  3. We really do have the same taste... I ordered 3 of those patterns a few weeks ago (Guy Laroche dress, red cowl neck dress, top), and have the other 3 on my wish list - to purchase next sale time!

    Unfortunately, much as I want to, I cannot have a sewing binge this long weekend - but I'll look forward to seeing what you make.