Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vogue 1127 and Burda 3/2009 skirt

You wouldn't know it from the lack of blogging, but I have been having a sewing spree.  My work wardrobe was suddenly very bare after a zip broke on one pair of trousers and another pair was ripped.   Time for some new work clothes.
I bought a Zara top a while ago that has been worn until the seams are splitting.  I usually avoid high necklines like this like the plague but I do love this top.
Zara inspiration
I wanted to make something similar and Vogue 1127 seems to fit the bill, with a few modifications.
The fabric is a silk georgette from Textile Traders in Balcatta.
Sleeves have been added, the ties have been omitted and the neckline is made slightly differently.   The sleeves are from my go-to short sleeve pattern Vogue 7876.  I can't remember what the pattern is for, but the sleeves have had quite a few outings.

I copied the collar on the Zara top - all that was involved was doubling over the collar from the pattern rather than ruching it quite so much. 
The ties would have been nice but they are cut on the bias and are very long so take up masses of fabric (the pattern says 3.1 metres is required for the blouse in a size 14). I didn't have quite enough fabric.

The blouse isn't difficult and it's a gorgeous pattern.  The only thing to note - it is hugely wide and I had to take off about an inch and a half on each side seam.   It also works best for a thin fabric.  The georgette I used was not a very light one and it got a bit bulky around the ruched collar ends. 
I'm definitely going to make another one of these, this time as per the pattern.

In one of those odd coincidences, March Burda Style has a pattern which is even more like the Zara top.   It has the raglan sleeves, which Vogue 1127 does not.    
And to go with the top ...a pencil skirt with a wide hip band and pockets from March 2009 Burda magazine. 
My version is in a black stretch heavy satin.  I made a couple of pairs of trousers out of this fabric and was sad to see it finished, and then was ecstatic when I found a 6 metre end roll at my favourite fabric shop reduced to $3 a metre! 

I love the style and it feels great on.  The hip band has a girdle like effect which is even better.
The sides are tapered in a bit more than the Burda version.  The construction of the hip band is also a little different.  Burda has only an unfaced hip band and a narrow rectangular facing strip around the waist.  That seemed very unfinished to me, so I cut 2 hip bands and entirely faced it.  It looks and feels better. 

So what next?  Half way through a pair of brown trousers and raring to go with some autumnal clothes.   


  1. Great morph of a pattern. The outfit looks professional but modern. I don't know if you did it on purpose, but I like how the white part of the print resembles a "V" shaped yoke on the front near the neckline.

  2. Both pieces add up to make a great outfit. I'm sure your sewing will last longer than Zara's!!

  3. I love the fabric you choose for the top. It makes the design look amazing!