Monday, April 25, 2011

Patrones 303

Here we are with the advance summer Patrones.   Quite a nice one with some casual cotton tops and skirts, a baggy trousers special and pretty summer fancy dresses.  A couple of things I really want to make.
First up there's a section on dressy summer frocks - 'The Most Beautiful Guest' I think it is called.  This dress is quite striking with the one gold embellished shoulder.
The next section is I think called 'All the Skirts' and includes 6 casual skirts and tops.  My favourite outfit from the Magazine is this one - the blouse is lovely - very plain except for the sleeve detailing. 
A section with a military theme is next.  My other favourite item from this Magazine is these cargo style pants below.  What a nice shape.
Patrones does have a strange love of shakespearean style bloomers.  
There is a special section with 9 baggy trousers styles. 
And a larger size feature with smart summery casuals - a dress, 3 jackets, trousers blouse and tshirt in Patrones sizes 50-58.
The next edition is the Summer Special and there is a Children's special.  Initially I thought subscribers would get all the new extras, but alas not.  Although from other reviews it looks like the adult style specials are compilations of patterns that have been in the main Patrones mags so those who get the standard mags aren't missing any patterns.


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