Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vogue 1027 DKNY dress

Vogue's DKNY range consistently offers up wonderful knit dress patterns doesn't it?  Easy to make, easy to wear and flattering on lots of body types.  

I'm eagerly awaiting the new Vogue patterns which seem to come out soon.  Mid July it appears.  They are previewing a couple of nice dresses in the magazine lookbook on their site.  The cover dress and the grey marle dress are wonderful.
This pattern is a classic - I think it came out in 2008 but it is still perfect.   Vogue 1027.   I've loved just about every version I've seen.
The fabric is an animal print rayon jersey from Emma One Sock.
The original didn't have sleeves but I've added the sleeves from another pattern (Vogue DKNY 1194).  I also left off the pockets and doubled over and sewed together the belt rather than hemming it.
And I'm hoping to make a jacket to go with it (if it doesn't look weird).  Vogue 2607.  I didn't realise I'd had this pattern so long - 2001!  But it hasn't dated and it must still be selling as it is on the McCalls website.  I quite like the collar and the fact that it does up with coat hooks and eyes.  
The fabric, assuming the muslin doesn't look horrific, is an unusual putty cotton - metal which I got as a $10 remnant at Potters Textiles Outlet shop.  Actually it looks more like a lump of putty in this photo than fabric.   It is an odd colour but seems to go quite well with the dress fabric and has a strange metally crinkly texture. 

Do you think cutting a cotton/metal fabric may do nasty things to scissors?    
Anyway, I'll give it go.      


  1. I made a dress with a cotton-metal drill last year and my scissors seemed to survive the experience of cutting it out. The dress itself was a complete failure because I washed the fabric first and pressing did nothing to it. The metal fibres in mine were really fine. I did read somewhere that I should be careful when pressing as the metal fibres might melt, but mine didn't. I had to use a denim needle to sew it. Good luck with it! I really like the pattern you picked.

  2. careful with your scissors....especially if you love them.

    Great dress!!!

  3. I love your dress - in fact am planning a very similar one. I went to meeting recently and the person I was interviewing was wearing a leopard print wrap dress. I was so caught up in how her dress was made I could barely concentrate. Sewing madness?

  4. This dress looks very useful for winter. I'll bet it looks great on you too! I keep scouring my patterns for winter knit dresses - that's what I want more of in my wardrobe! - but they are thin on the ground...

    I love that style of jacket! I hope the fabric doesn't hurt your scissors.

  5. Pretty dress and neat fabric print. That "putty" fabric and the pattern you have chosen looks like a good jacket to compliment the dress. I have made a jacket garments out of cotton/linen/metallic fabrics. I don't recall any issues with dulling of scissors or needles. It was actually wonderful to sew and press and I really liked the look of the finished jacket in that type of fabric.

  6. I love your dress - it's a beautiful style and that animal print is fabulous! I'm looking forward to seeing the jacket ....

  7. The dress looks lovely in that animal print fabric. It is very flattering on lots of different body shapes and I've only heard good reports of the pattern too.

  8. Yes I am totally enamoured with DKNY and Donna Karan patterns lately and will be stalking the Vogue website. Your dress looks great and I made that jacket years ago and still really like it (wherever it is right now...?!)